PAC Fire Australia (PAC) is a leader in the supply of fire and EMS personal protective equipment. We specialise in the Pacific brand of EMS helmets, Kappler chemical and NBC suits and Air Boss NBC boots. We also carry Eflare beacons, Bristol uniforms, PAC gear bags and a range of ESKA fire gloves.

PAC distributes a range of fire, rescue and riot helmets that are made in the Pacific Helmets New Zealand factory. All our helmets carry EN, NFPA or AS certification. The NZ factory is capable of making specially designed helmets for difficult work conditions. All helmets are constructed from kevlar / fibreglass and our R&D department has designed helmets for use in 80 countries around the world.

Fire and EMS helmets

Land based fire and rescue jobs, ship-board fire fighting, airfield and ground operations – Pacific Helmets are capable of developing and manufacturing a range of helmets for special operations.

Helmets can have a variety of accessories fitted, such as LED torches, bone mic in-helmet communications, ear muffs, high-impact visors, helmet-mounted video cameras and ESS fire or military goggles.

Pacific Helmets supply fire-resistant helmets, gloves and chemical suits to cope with the harshest conditions.
Pacific Helmet’s range of protective helmets are lightweight and durable.
Pacific Helmets also manufacture a range of protective gloves for military and search / rescue applications.
Pacific Helmet’s KAPPLER suits provide a broad range of protection including NBC and Biohazard protection.
All Pacific Helmet products are fully certified.

For the toughest and lightest helmets in the world, try a Pacific helmet.

ESKA fire gloves

ESKA manufacture a range of high quality Level 1, 2 & 3 EN, AS & NFPA certified fire gloves and the new NFPA 1951 certified rescue glove.

All ESKA fire gloves feature Gortex or Crosstech moisture/chemical barriers. ESKA also manufacture a large range of military gloves for various operations, such as pilot gloves, tank gloves, MP cycle gloves and more. ESKA have been making gloves for over 100 years so they know what it takes to make a very good glove.

Kappler chemical suits

A new range of exciting Zytron chemical suits are now available from Kappler and Pacific Helmets Australia. From the Zytron 100 Level C suit right up to the Zytron 500 Level A fully encapsulating suits, KAPPLER suits provide a broad range of protection including NBC and Biohazard protection.

Kappler specialise in ultrasonic welded seams that offer the ultimate protection against a variety of chemicals. Kappler are the ideal chemical suit for limited life performance. A full range of chemical permeation and degradation data is available on the KAPPLER or PHA websites.

Kappler offer a range of accessories, cool vests, decontamination showers, chemical tape, contaminated remains bags and much more.

BRISTOL fire clothing and boss boots

PAC is the exclusive distributor for Bristol Uniforms UK in Australia. We offer a variety of AS4927 certified structural fire garments. All garments come with Gortex liners as standard. Boss rubber boots come with NFPA certification and NBC protection. The Air Boss is a leader in chemical and bio hazard protection. Bristol garments and BOSS boots form the ideal protection barrier for today’s EMS professional.

We are an ISO9001 certified company as are most of our suppliers. We pride ourselves on supplying quality certified products, promptly to our customers throughout Australia and the Pacific Basin. Most products are carried in stock in our warehouse as we deal directly with manufacturing factories that are capable of quick delivery turnaround times.