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Mobile Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purification Units, Mobile Kitchens, Fuel Trailers and Potable Water Units

Tecimer offers mobile field kitchens, containerised kitchen solutions, potable water and diesel fuel trailers and mobile reverse osmosis water purification solutions for peacekeeping, disaster relief operations and military purposes worldwide.

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Tecimer offers Potable Water Trailers, Diesel Fuel Trailers, Mobile Field Kitchens, and Mobile Water Purification solutions for peacekeeping, disaster relief operations, and military purposes worldwide.

The company holds ISO 9001 quality certificates and is a registered supplier to UN peacekeeping operations, the United States Defense Department, and NGOs worldwide. It is listed as a NATO supplier manufacturing company.

Potable Water Trailers For Military Applications

Insulated Water Trailer – IWT400

The IWT400 Water Tank Trailers are designed to carry 400 gallons of potable water. This trailer has superior mobility even with full load on and off-road conditions.

Insulated Water Trailer - IWT400.
Potable Water Trailer – WT500
Diesel Fuel Trailer-FT600
Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems-MWT500

• Cylindrical double wall stainless steel 304 polyurethane injected water tank with 400-gallon water capacity
• A single torsion axle trailer with air over hydraulic brakes
• Robust design for on/off roads
• Exceptionally high build quality of tires and chassis
• With self-closing faucets

IWT400 Water Trailer has all the equipment and components needed to achieve the highest efficiency working conditions. It is equipped with high quality and military-designed plumbing and electrical system, high security measures, special blackout back lights and brake systems.

The trailer can be transport by sea containers and suitable for air transportation thanks to the tie down and lift points on the chassis. 4 units of IWT400 can be fit into a 40” Standard ISO container.

Portable Water Trailer – WT500

TECIMER’ potable water trailers have been constantly developed since 2006. The units have been provided to many military and peacekeeping forces in Afghanistan, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Chad, Honduras and Haiti, and UN peacekeeping forces.

The trailer can operate in rough terrain due to the design of its chassis and the tyres. The lunette eye complies with NATO standards and its height is adjustable for towing the vehicle securely and easily. This trailer was specifically designed and manufactured for potable water and comes with a 2,000L tank made from stainless steel 304 quality material.

Some of the key reasons why this trailer is preferred and comply with the military projects include:

• Tank is stainless steel 304 and comply with potable water standards
• Heavy-duty chassis for harsh weather and on-off road conditions
• Axles with air brakes and as well with electric and hydraulic brakes
• All necessary wiring, full lighting with water resistant
• Adjustable height of the Lunette eye to towing vehicle either to change the location of lunette eye
• Manually activated parking brake, the parking brake can hold the fully loaded trailer on a dry, hard surfaced 30% grade while uncoupled from the towing vehicle
• Tires: tubeless on/off road radial tires

WT500 can be transport by sea containers and four units can fit into a 40in standard ISO container.

Portable Water Trailer – WT325

Tecimer potable water trailers have different capacities for different towing vehicles. However, robust axle and chassis, suitability for all weather conditions are the same in all models of Tecimer trailers.

Payload: 1276kg
Material: Stainless Steel (AISI 304SS)
Weight: 1926kg (Full loaded)
Overall Dimensions: 3315 x 1954 x 1950 mm

WT325 is Equipped with:

1. Light package: Turn signals, tail lights and brake lights.
2. Lockable water proof with tire changing tools and lifting jack
3. Trailer with metal fenders and mud flaps
4. Potable Water Trailer – TEC WT325 with a retractable wheeled landing leg. Landing leg is adjustable to facilitate connection to prime mover with pintle heights ranging 696 (+/-50)mm.
5. Draw bar safety chains capable of securing the trailer to prime mover in the event of pintle failure.
6. Air service brakes with brake-away system. Gland-hands in accordance with SAE J318.
7. Manually activated parking brake. The parking brake can hold fully loaded trailer on a dry, hard surface 20% grade with uncoupled from the following vehicle.
8. Electrical system: 12 Volt system with SAE J560 7 pin connector.

Diesel Fuel Trailers for the Defense Industry

Over the years, Tecimer has managed to manufacture and deliver diesel fuel trailers certified by ASME for many military forces all around the world. The fuel trailer can operate in ambient temperatures ranging from -40 oF to 125 oF. Emergency shut off valves have provided for tank openings as required by NFPA 385.

Equipped with:

• Diesel engine pump, air cooled, electric start
• Water segregator which will shut off the flow automatically when the water level in the tank reaches the capacity of the sump.
• Recirculation system
• Hand pump assembly
• Line strainer
• Shutoff valves
• pressure relief valves
• Pressure gauge
• Flow meter
• Static discharge grounding reels
• Hoses, nozzles, & hose reels

Tecimer diesel fuel trailer can meet specific operational needs for all kinds of field conditions. The tyres of the trailer are suitable both on and off-road and in harsh weather conditions. It has a capacity of 600 gallons and is made from stainless steel 430 quality material. The nozzle for easy and quick use. Three FT600-diesel fuel trailer units can be loaded into one 40DC container

AQAP (Military) and ISO-certified mobile kitchen trailers

Tecimer mobile kitchen is equipped with all the required food processing units to produce high-quality and hygienic meals for 200-500 people. The whole unit is manufactured to full military specification internationally accepted quality standard to AQAP (military) and ISO.

Since 2006, Tecimer as a sub-contract supplier, has forwarded to the US Department of Defence. Also, Tecimer exports its kitchen unit for governmental tenders. All exported countries up to now are the US, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Malta, Romania, Haiti, Chad, Syria, Kenya, and Iraq.

Major Cooking Equipments:
• 1 x pressurized cooking units, each 146 liters capacity.
• 2 x frying units, each 34 liters capacity.
• Optionally, kettle, 20 liters capacity.

Mobile Kitchen Trailer- TEC MKT300LS

• High Capacity
• Safety
• Easy Usage and preparation with only one person
• Can cook for 300 people (You can serve complete 3 hot meals up to 300 people per day but in extreme or emergency conditions you can serve up to 500 people.)
• Various cooking methods: Boiling, pressure cooking, steaming, frying, braising, stewing.
• All working areas and tables of Mobile Kitchen Trailer-TEC MKT300LS that in contact with the foods are 304 grade corrosion-resistant stainless steel. It provides highest hygiene. It is healthy and durable.
• Stainless steel work benches on right and left side of the trailer.
• No need to extra area for working tables.
• The system is with LPG burners. (And diesel version is also available.)
• Electrical system: 12 Volt system with SAE J560 7 pin connector.
• 3 mobile kitchens can be loaded in one 40ft HC container. It is designed for all types of transportation by road, sea and air.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems

Tecimer water purification systems up to 2500 L/h are compact, mobile, and ready to-operate units, which are available in various specifications depending on the condition of the local raw water.

Obtained potable water features comply with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and World Health Organization (WHO) standards and the systems are able to purify different water qualities, from brackish water to sea water, including rivers, creeks, lakes and wells.

The systems have a control panel that can be operated by one person and can be ready for operation in 30 minutes. They can provide between 700-2500 L/h of clean drinking water from any water source. The system can be easily transported by land, air, or sea.

Mobile Solar Water Filtration Unit

Tecimer’s mobile solar water purification unit can produce potable water from underground waters, ponds and rivers by filtration and disinfection with UV light.

Carbon filters have capability to remove or reduce the amount of even the smallest microorganisms like giardia and cryptosporidium cysts, entamoeba and toxoplasma cysts, herbicides, certain volatile organic chemicals, chlorine, bad odour, taste and many other harmful microorganisms and contaminants. Carbon filter polishes the water crystal clear. Life expectancy of carbon filter is approximately one year.

• Extremely fast setup before usage
• No need of any chemicals or additives for cleaning the water
• Works extremely quiet with electrical pump
• Very low and green energy consumption
• Without ongoing fuel costs
• Certified Filtration which meets WHO standards
• Minimal maintenance requirements

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