RODI Systems

RODI Systems is a leading supplier of portable and containerised water purification and wastewater treatment systems for military environments.

Water and wastewater treatment for military-based applications

Our treatment products allow users to produce fresh, purified drinking water from any natural source including brackish wells, turbid surface water, and seawater.

Our wastewater treatment systems recycle or treat domestic sewage for discharge to the environment. Our products are suitable for a number of applications including military facilities, emergency relief, small communities, remote work camps, hotels and resorts, and construction sites.

The PureBox™ water purification systems are built inside sturdy intermodal shipping containers (trailer mounting optional) that allow rapid deployment worldwide.
All components of the containerised PureBox™ units are mounted within the container and are ready to deploy upon arrival at the treatment site.
Water purification units from RODI Systems rely upon high-performance membrane technology such as polyamide spiral wound reverse osmosis membrane elements.
RODI uses state-of-the-art ceramic microfiltration membrane for pretreating reverse osmosis feed water, as well as clarifying treated sewage effluent.
All water treatment units from RODI Systems utilise modern microprocessor based monitoring and control systems.
RODI’s containerised water treatment systems are easy to ship and easy to install, even if the system requires multiple containers.
RODI Systems can provide large scale containerised desalination and water purification units with capacities in excess of two million gallons (7,500m³) a day.
Large-scale water treatment units from RODI Systems are provided in multiple intermodal containers that fit together on site to form a single structure.

Portable water purification units

The RODI Systems PureBox™ reverse osmosis water purification unit (ROWPU) is a fully functional, self-contained water treatment system housed in a single, compact unit.

The PureBox™ ROWPU-FX can produce 1,500 to 24,000 gallons per day of potable water from virtually any naturally occurring water supply including fresh water, brackish water, or seawater. It is designed with simplicity and durability and is easy to transport, install, operate, and maintain. The PureBox™ ROWPU-FX is suitable as a source of drinking water in remote and austere locations.

The PureBox™ ROWPU-FX water treatment systems are simple, effective, and dependable. The system is designed with simplicity in mind and the entire treatment system has only three electrically actuated components: a blower, pump, and one actuated valve. Within the majority of applications, the ROWPU-FX requires no chemicals or consumable items.

Even with its simple design, the ROWPU-FX offers state-of-the-art membrane technology to provide high-quality treated water. A unique ceramic microfilter precedes the reverse osmosis (RO) component of the system to prevent colloidal fouling of the RO membrane.

The simple construction, coupled with the high-quality components used in the ROWPU-FX, result in an effective and highly dependable water treatment system.

Portable sewage treatment units

The RODI Systems CemPure™ ceramic membrane bioreactor (CMBR) is a fully self-contained, modular wastewater treatment system.

The CMBR is designed to treat domestic sewage or industrial wastewater while providing an effluent of superior quality. It is easy to transport, install, operate, and maintain.

The CMBR consists of a standard intermodal container and modular skid housing the membrane modules, controls, recirculation pump, blowers and bioreactor. This results in a compact system that requires a shorter installation time and minimum of site preparation.

All necessary treatment equipment and supplies are furnished as part of the treatment system. The CMBR utilises submerged ceramic flat-plate membrane modules continuously air-scoured to reduce fouling. The silicon carbide membrane has a high-fouling resistance even when subjected to oils, greases or hydrocarbons.

The CMBR membrane modules will provide superior flux rates for extended periods with no maintenance necessary when properly operated. The CMBR is equipped with a computerised control system, which may be remotely monitored via cellular modem. The automatic control system is fitted with manual overrides if manual control is necessary.

Large-scale water treatment systems

RODI Systems also designs and builds large custom containerised water treatment and desalination systems. Capacities of these systems range up to two million gallons a day.

The larger systems are built inside multiple containers installed together to form one large modular unit on site. A multi million gallon a day plant can be quickly installed. Large plants are available for the purification of seawater, brackish water and surface water.