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Aircraft and Tier-1 Equipment and Services for Aerospace and Defence Industries

Established in 1863, DAHER-SOCATA is an aircraft builder and Tier 1 equipment manufacturer.


Established in 1863, DAHER-SOCATA is an aircraft builder and Tier 1 equipment manufacturer. The group’s specialism in commercial and military aircraft, regional and business aeroplanes and helicopters is backed by its advanced technological expertise.

DAHER-SOCATA is a leading partner of armed forces worldwide and a trusted supplier to the defence and aerospace industries.

Rigid wall shelters, integrated containers and ground support equipment

DAHER-SOCATA designs and manufactures:

  • Integrated logistics and tactical lightweight rigid wall shelters, which can host complex systems (RADAR, C2, ISR, CIS, ATC, BMD) in harsh environments (EMI, NRBC, KE and artillery threats)
  • Integrated containers for sensitive aircraft equipment (engine and engine modules), weapons systems (missile/torpedo), space components (parts of rocket/satellite), hazardous materials (propellant/radioactive) and sensors (decoy/pod)
  • Ground support equipment for handling goods and jigs

Supply chain services for the defence industry

With its engineering expertise, DAHER-SOCATA is involved in every stage of the value chain. It also manages the entire supply chain, including logistics, transport, final assembly, testing, pre-final assembly line (FAL), industrial support, maintenance, overhaul and reconditioning.

Industrial support for defence aircraft manufacture

DAHER-SOCATA’s industrial support services comprise:

  • Assembly, integration and equipment of assemblies: complete fuselage sections and helicopter cabins, pre-final assembly line, hubs for reception of parts before assembly, pre-assembly and kitting, integration into the aircraft, and finishing operations
  • Support and maintenance: customer information and documentation, maintenance, repair and overhaul, scheduling, monitoring, requisitioning and launching maintenance operations
  • Overhaul and reconditioning of aircraft: all repairs, refurbishment and modifications for aircraft, conversions and refittings

Logistics services for the defence industry

The company’s logistics services include:

  • Monitoring and managing flows: modelling and optimising flows, and traceability of air-transportable products
  • Logistics: supply of final assembly lines, industrial site management

Transport and customs services for military equipment

DAHER-SOCATA’s transport and customs services include:

  • Transport of aerostructures, equipment, systems, aircraft and customs engineering
  • Organisation of standard, specialised and exceptional transport; management of regulatory obligations for international transit; management of licences for the transport of sensitive equipment

DAHER-SOCATA is member of the Aviation Logistics Network (ALN).

Complex project management of military overseas operations

DAHER-SOCATA is a key partner of various armed forces and police, for the transportation of materials and equipment, and customs engineering. The group’s wide range of services enables it to organise the deployment and supply of forces on the ground securely and effectively.

A partner of peace-keeping forces in the transportation of hardware and equipment for French military overseas operations, DAHER-SOCATA ensures deployment and supply in theatres of operations (aircraft and ship charters).

With a wide range of services, the group facilitates the deployment and supply of equipment to forces involved in overseas operations, as well as the optimisation of the availability of equipment deployed.

Turbo-prop aircraft manufacture

As an aircraft manufacturer, DAHER-SOCATA has the understanding and skills of an aircraft constructor, which enables it to respond to the global challenges faced by its customers.

The TBM 850, designed and produced by DAHER-SOCATA, is the world’s fastest single turbo-prop aircraft. A reliable, high-performance, six-seater business jet, the TBM 850 has a cruising speed of 320k or 593km/h and a maximum range of 1,585nm or 2,935km.

DAHER-SOCATA’s portfolio also includes the TBM MMA, which is the defence and security version of the TBM 850, for various types of missions such as surveillance, transport and ambulance. The detection, reconnaissance and identification (DRI) version, equipped with a Thales AGILE 2 gyro-stabilised multi-sensor turret, enables the completion of urban safety missions, operations to tackle trafficking, and border surveillance.

Aircraft parts, sections and sub-assemblies

From the design and manufacture of basic aircraft parts, to the production of fully equipped aircraft sections, DAHER-SOCATA is a key partner in global aerospace programmes across all areas. In particular, the group specialises in complex sub-assemblies, combining expertise in metals and composite materials. It is involved in every stage of production, from design to final assembly.

Technological specialities

DAHER-SOCATA has invested in research for several years and has gained expertise in key specialised technologies in the sector, including thermo-plastics, resin transfer moulding (RTM), and procedures for the forming of high-performance alloys.

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