Winkelmann is a global provider of specialist search equipment, communications security and technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM). We are the proven and trusted partner of government agencies, armed forces and alliances (including NATO).

Winkelmann has experience in delivering comprehensive equipment programmes supported by appropriate through life training and provision of TSCM technical capability to government and special force units worldwide from concept and planning stage through to project completion.

Non-linear junction detector for IED search operations

The HAWK XTS-900 non-linear junction detector allows the operator to search voids and areas where they are unable to gain physical or visual access, in order to detect electronic components and determine if the area is free from a remote controlled improvised explosive device (RCIED).

The HAWK XTS NLJD is used for the detection of electronic circuits commonly found in RCIED's and radio transmitters.
Our cellular jammers are used on a daily basis in challenging environments including conflict zones around the world.
The EOD IX is a multi-functional search kit comprising under door camera, videoscope and pole camera.
We offer highly portable, robust, intelligent remote imaging solutions featuring a host of advanced, intuitive features.
The Raptor RXi is intended to analyse and monitor the radio frequency spectrum in electronic countermeasure operations.

The HAWK XTS-900 is lightweight, utilises modern technology and is shaped to allow easy handling. It has a single-body design containing transceiver, antenna and display assembly on a single extendible unit.

The HAWK XTS-900 is capable of locating and confirming the presence of electronic components found in devices, regardless whether they are switched on or off.

Cellular communication jammer

We offer a range of cost-effective modular cellular jammers designed for use by engineer search teams, first responders and bomb technicians.

The BlockPhone 55 (BP55) is a portable, low-power ruggedised smart jammer, designed in a strong ABS hard case, with external antennas. BP55 can be equipped with two to five modules (bands), with each module (band) being dedicated to a specific cellular frequency range.

In order to precisely protect the area, BP55 output power can be adjusted by the user. Each module (band) transmission power and frequency can be adjusted independently to control the jamming density.

Tactical search kit for specialist visual searches

The EOD IX tactical search kit uses advanced remote imaging technology, specifically designed to assist special task forces with covert surveillance in hard to reach places under normal or insufficient lighting conditions.

The EOD IX tactical search kit comprises a portable under door camera, robust videoscope with four-way tip articulation, 2.5in LCD monitor and rigidizer for pole camera use. The under door camera (UDC) can be used to survey rooms without the camera being visible to room occupants, clear covert views can be obtained in rooms with limited ambient light.

Technical surveillance counter measures

The Raptor RXi is an ultra-fast-scanning counter-surveillance receiver for quickly detecting surveillance transmitters. The Raptor scans from 10kHz to 26GHz in under 4s, detecting even the briefest pulsed transmissions. Featuring a fast Core 2 Duo processor, its multiple software tools and demodulators detect frequency-hopping, burst mode and spread spectrum devices as well as analogue audio and video signals.

The Raptor is a portable device, allowing reference scans to be easily run in different areas of a building, operating either from an internal rechargeable battery or an external supply. Its integrated antenna system provides excellent wideband performance from 10kHz to 26GHz.

TSCM training

Winkelmann provides a wide range of TSCM training modules for government, military, law enforcement and public service organisations. Our goal is to create unique and generic, market-leading training and provide industry professionals with access to first-hand knowledge and expertise.

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