RAPTOR RXi: Leading the Way in Counter-Surveillance Technology - Army Technology
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RAPTOR RXi: Leading the Way in Counter-Surveillance Technology

Winkelmann’s new TSCM spectrum analyser solution has been developed in response to increasing market demand for a reliable system that has the capability to detect threat signals (bugging devices) in today’s crowded spectrum.

Featuring a fast Core 2 Duo processor, its multiple software tools and demodulators detect frequency-hopping, burst mode and spread spectrum devices as well as analogue audio and video signals.

The new RAPTOR RXi counter surveillance receiver stands out from the crowd due to its wide scanning frequency range of 10kHz to 26GHz, 20MHz real-time bandwidth, wealth of functionalities and large (15in) colour touch screen display.

Two spectrum analyser windows allow the user to simultaneously view the whole spectrum and zoom in on individual frequencies. The ‘Waterfall’ display mode gives an intuitive display of signals over time. The RXi is designed as a portable device, allowing reference scans to be easily run in different areas of a building.

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