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Inflatable Tents, Shelters and Clear-Span Structures

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Losberger RDS provide products and services for deployment for the military an in emergency rescue. Complete field camp solutions are implemented in cooperation with FCS GmbH, of which Losberger is one of the biggest shareholders.

As part of the Losberger Group, which operates all over the world, Losberger RDS has an especially wide range of tried-and-tested products like inflatable tents which can be used as field hospitals, command posts, etc. NBC decontamination showers, tents and halls with metal frames in various sizes and for applications as housing people, storing commodities, vehicles and airplanes, use for the provision of medical services, as a servicing hall, or also as a canteen building.

The high levels of know-how and development skills and over 60 years of experience ensure tailor-made and reliable solutions. If necessary, Losberger RDS can provide certification according to ISO 9001, version 2000.


The Losberger RDS standard inflatable tents and shelters can be deployed by two or more soldiers within minutes. They are designed to offer accommodation for extended periods of time in the most extreme environments.

Losberger RDS standard inflatable tents and shelters.
Standard Losberger RDS inflatable shelters have a usable area between 20m² and 250m².
The 16m² center-point tent with the Vehicle Connection Corridor (VCC).
Hygrometric-controlled shelters are mostly used for storage or as garages under dry air.
Clear-span structures for temporary or permanent use.

The Losberger RDS standard inflatable tent’s unique design combines robust air-frames with aluminium tubes. This design allows the setting up of very large structures within a short time.

The standard Losberger RDS inflatable shelters have a usable area between 20m² and 250m². Due to their extremely stable design, the standard Losberger RDS shelters remain securely erect even at 110km/h wind force and 10kg/m² snow load.

The exceptional design of a divided frame system allows the whole structure to remain erect even in the case of puncture of one frame, provided the guy lines are fastened.

The standard Losberger RDS inflatable tents have connectable doors, windows, special intakes for heating and ventilation and many others features. They are packed in specially designed transports bags and boxes and are ready for immediate use.

Because of their extreme longevity, high wear and tear resistance, the standard Losberger RDS shelters have become the first choice of the military sector. To date there are more than 5,000 of these inflatable tents in heavy use by different countries’ military and para-military forces around the world.


The 16m² center-point tent, together with the Vehicle Connection Corridor (VCC), allows the shelter of command post personnel of all different levels.

The 16m² center-point tent allows any type of combination thanks to its versatile openings, i.e. a connection with either another 16m² tent as well as a Vehicle Connection Corridor (VCC), or both.

This center-point tent unit has been specially designed to be used under harsh weather conditions and prevents intrusion by insects or other harmful animals (adaptable to extreme areas like African desert).


Galvanised steel framework shelters with complete covering and gables, hygrometric-controlled shelters can be transported in 20ft container. They are mostly used for storage or as garages under dry air.

Hygrometric-controlled shelters can also be equipped with NBC protection. In this case, the shelter is combined with an airlock and filtering system and a watertight module in conditions of high pressure.

They are also used as repair workshops for equipment such as radar, drones etc.


Clear-span structures are for temporary or permanent use and can be erected in a very short time. They are made with the double technology of aluminium profiles for the structure and PVC synthetic membranes for the cover and the sides.

  • Spans from 3m to 40m
  • Lengths are multiple of 5m or 6m
  • Anchored to the ground without foundations

In 2005, Losberger RDS has been asked by the health services of the French army to realize a complete field hospital installed in Kabul (offices, surgical wing, awaken area, rooms, etc.).


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    Losberger RDS provide products and services for deployment for the military an in emergency rescue.

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