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Digital and Analogue Tactical Communication Radios

RADMOR is the leading Polish manufacturer of radio communication equipment. We offer equipment designed and manufactured according to the most modern world technologies.

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RADMOR SA is one of the biggest Polish producers of radio communication equipment. We offer equipment designed and manufactured according to the most modern world technologies. RADMOR has certificates ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110.

Radmor has been part of WB Group since 2011. WB Group is the largest private capital group in the Polish defense industry, focused around WB Electronics. Every member of the WB Group (WB Electronics, Radmor, Arex, MindMade and Flytronic) are active in the defence and security of the state.

Equipment for military-standard tactical communication radios

Military equipment offered by RADMOR enables building modern digital radiocommunication tactical systems. We export our equipment and its technology to many countries. Our customers include the Polish Military Forces and other national armies including the Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Algerian, Iraqi and Malaysian forces.

The RADMOR 3501 modern, handheld, VHF frequency-range tactical communications radio.
RADMOR Handheld Communication Radio
RADMOR Mobile Radio for Military Use
RADMOR Fastnet Radio System Trainer
RADMOR Radio System for Military Missions.
Radmor RRC 9210 Manpack Radio
RADMOR RRC 9310 Vehicle Radio
RADMOR Vehicle Set

Construction modernity and production processes assure constant, high quality of the equipment. Business continuity since 1947 shows the stability of the company and its extensive experience in radio communication.

Modern, comprehensive military communication solutions

The Polish Army and widely understood uniformed services are our main and the most important clients. As the WB Group, we offer the most modern, comprehensive solutions for armed forces from around the world in such areas as: communication, command, reconnaissance and automated fire control systems; unmanned systems of various classes; IT systems and cybersecurity; equipment and modernization of military equipment.

Military equipment is offered by RADMOR in accordance with MIL-STD-810E and STANAG 4204 standards. RADMOR also participates in European research and development programs like ESSOR.

RADMOR currently covers the following equipment and accessories:

  • military radiocommunication systems
  • handheld / manpack / vehicle radios
  • vehicle adapters for handheld radios
  • charging units
  • headsets
  • fill guns
  • antennas

Comp@n SDR handheld radio

Radmor’s SDR handheld radio is a 20 – 520 MHz band device and an output power of 5W. It has built-in GPS and runs on AES 256 specification. Available platforms include digital voice and data, EPM waveform, BMS IP waveform, and waveform for request.

R35010 personal radio

The R35010 is a 2405-2480 MHz band personal radio that contains 16 channels and features including digital voice, digital transmission and simple / full duplex (conference mode). It also features a wireless PTT and adapter for the radio installation.

RRC9210 manpack radio

Radmor’s RRC9210 30-88MHz band manpack radio boasts multiple features including 2320 channels, frequency hopping, integrated GPS received and high data transmission rates of up to 42,66 kbit/s. The radio contains output powers of 0,5W/5W/10W and features a high level of ECCM protection. It is interoperable with radios RRC 9200 and RRC 9500 and is fitted with an IP Controller.

3501 handheld radio

The 30-88 MHz band 3501 handheld radio features 2320 channels, output power of 0,1W / 1W / 3W, output power, analog voice, masked analog voice, digital voice and data transmission. AES 128 is an optional feature.

V3501 vehicle set

The V3501 vehicle set can easily be installed as a handheld radio in military vehicles and features an active external creature and power of up to 50W.

RRC 9310AP vehicle radio

The RRC 9310AP is a 30-88 MHz band vehicle radio with 2320 channels and output power of 0,5W/5W/10W. Featuring a high level of ECCM protection, frequency hopping, and high data transmission rates (up to 42,66 kbit/s), the RRC 9310AP is interoperable with radios RRC 9200 and RRC 950 and is fitted with IP controller and an integrated GPS receiver.

F@stnet radio system trainer

The F@stnet radio system trainer is an e-learning facility with multi-level courses for radio operators. It features an interconnection with actual radio set and allows soldiers to self-tech themselves how to operate military radios.

The trainer system includes continuous supervision by the teacher over the activities of the students and the possibility for teachers to communicate independently with each of them.

White Papers

  • COMP@N Software Defined Radios

    COMP@N radios are characterised by versatility, flexibility and the ease of adapting the functionality to the requirements of final customer. The family of COMP@N radios was developed thanks to years of experience in realising many research and development projects, within RADMOR S.A., and of national and international range (e.g. ESSOR).

Press Releases

  • RADMOR To Exhibit At IDEX 2019 In Abu Dhabi, UAE

    The world’s largest military and defence exhibition, IDEX 2019, is almost upon us. RADMOR SA, a member of the WB Group, is one of the exhibitors this year and we invite guests to visit our stand to have a look at our products and discuss what we have to offer.

Hutnicza 3
81-212 Gdynia