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Cooling / Hydraulic Systems

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FIMAC is active in the design / development and production of aerospace equipment, predominantly focusing on cooling and environmental control systems (ECS) for aircraft, helicopters and terrestrial ordnance vehicles; cooling systems for recce pods; hydraulic systems, including hydraulic actuators with and without locking devices; dampers; landing gear valves and controls; ram air turbines; and rudder bias actuators (pneumatic).

Founded in 1921, FIMAC is a medium-sized, privately owned company situated in northern Milan (Italy). Over the years FIMAC has developed a full capability of design and development featuring general and customized equipment with a view to meeting customer requirements. FIMAC is also active in the product support and MRO of equipment for various ministries of defence and is accredited to EN/ISO 9100 standards.

Military aircraft hydraulic equipment

FIMAC is active in the field of hydraulic equipment, with major achievements including the Krueger flap actuator, hydraulic dampers and pressure switches employed in the Tornado fighter; the airbrake hydraulic lock actuators for the G150/G200 executive aircraft; and hydraulic selector valves for the EF2000 aircraft and EH101 helicopter.

Air brake hydraulic lock actuator for G150/G200 executive aircraft; output force is 10kN; holding load is 7kN.
Temperature control system for recce pod exploiting ram air power; cooling power 1,500W; heating power 900W.
Electronic warfare wing-tip cooling system for European Fighter Aircraft - Typhoon cooling power 1,500W.
Krueger flap actuator for Tornado; holding load: 30kN.
In-flight refuelling selector valve manifold for EF 2000 – Typhoon.

Environmental controls and cooling systems

FIMAC has designed, developed and is producing the EW cooling system for the Eurofighter.

FIMAC is also developing a temperature control system designed for the recce pods installed under the modern aircraft as retrofit. These systems are flexible and unique since they use ram air power and do not need electrical power from the aircraft.

FIMAC have also developed air conditioning system packages for the aerospace sector at large, which feature the cooling power of more than 20,000 BTUs.

One of FIMAC’s latest achievements in the ordnance sector is the power and conditioning unit for the PZH 2000 vehicle. This system has the peculiarity to provide air conditioning not only to the crew, but also to the artillery charges via a dedicated and separated cooling circuit.

RAM air turbines

FIMAC’s ram air turbines have been developed for use as prime movers in the functioning of ECS pods. The turbines can supply mechanical power up to 5kW at 30,000rpm.

Rudder bias actuators

FIMAC developed the rudder bias actuator unit for the G150/G200 executive aircraft. This unit is employed to adapt the aircraft rudder to compensate any asymmetry of the engines thrust.

Landing gear controls

FIMAC also develop landing gears, such as the landing gear control lever and valves for the Agusta – Westland EH101(US 101) and Aermacchi MB339 aircraft.


Via Piemonte, 19
I – 20030 Senago (MI)

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