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Tactical Tents and Shelters for Military Use

Johnson Outdoors Gear, Inc, makers of Eureka! branded tent and shelter products, have been experts in military shelter system innovation for more than 115 years.

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Johnson Outdoors Gear, maker of Eureka! branded tent and shelter products, has been an expert in military shelter system innovation for more than 115 years.

The firm has a long history of developing modern, innovative shelters that have become standards in all branches of the military, in the US and worldwide.

Shelters for desert and mountain warfare and disaster relief

Johnson Outdoors Gear delivers solutions that meet the ever-evolving mission requirements of soldiers worldwide. From one-man combat tents to complex command posts and tactical operations centers, the company has the expertise to help meet its customer’s requirements.

With more than 115 year's experience, Eureka! tents and tactical shelters have a solution for any mission, anywhere in the world. !
Rapidly deployable shelter (RDS) systems can withstand 300lbs of hanging load.
Eureka!'s RDS is available in four sizes, to meet the needs of first responders, forward command operations, medical and surgical suites, logistics, billeting, food service and other remote base operations.
The patented internal arch on the modular general purpose tent system (MGPTS) Type III distributes wind, rain and snow more efficiently than other current systems on the market.
The MGPTS Type I has all of the same performance specifications and characteristics as the Type III, but it employs a Y-Pole configuration down the center span of the shelter.
There are currently more than 100,000 COMBAT tents fielded with zero returns.
The tent, combat one-person (TCOP) has been proven to meet the needs requested by personnel in the field. It is dry, tough and fast.
Eureka! provides tents, shelters, liner, floors and accessories to meet the versatility requirements for any mission, in any operating environment.

Desert and mountain warfare, emergency response, and disaster relief are only a few of the real-world missions the firm supports with its innovative features and rugged construction. All of the company’s Eureka! shelter systems are designed to provide force protection no matter where a mission takes place.

Rapidly deployable shelter systems for military protection

The Eureka! RDS is a rapidly deployable shelter system proven to be one of the fastest and most reliable systems on the market today.

Available in four sizes to meet any mission requirement, this patented truss-style frame system is stronger and more durable than standard ‘scissor’ style frames, and can withstand 300lb of hanging load at any point on the frame.

When it comes to force protection at remote base operations, the RDS is clearly the most durable, versatile shelter system, in any operating environment worldwide.

Modular general purpose tent system for weatherproof shelter

Eureka! began developing the current modular general purpose tent (MGPTS) Type I design in 1997 as a replacement for the old-style general purpose tents used since the 1940s.

The MGPTS design incorporates the latest tension tent design and manufacturing technologies to provide the military with a multi-purpose weatherproof shelter for any operating environment.

The newer Type III incorporates all of the features and benefits of the Type I, with a patented internal arch for support and clear, unobstructed interior space.

This proprietary arch system creates a structure that distributes wind, rain and snow loads away from the fabric, and directly to the arch (or support system), making a stronger, more durable fielded structure.

Eureka!’s MGPTS Type III can be used for medical facilities, troop billeting, command and control, field service support, emergency / disaster relief, maintenance functions, and storage.

Two-person combat tent for storage gear

The efficient design of the Eureka! COMBAT Tent is yet another example of our engineering and design expertise.

This two-man, three-season, free-standing, double wall tent is a Eureka! original.

It incorporates a vapour-permeable tent body with a waterproof floor and fly, which also provides 20ft² of additional gear storage.

The COMBAT tent has two doors, shockcorded poles, and requires no special tools for erecting.

In addition, the rain fly is adaptable for use independent of the tent body, utilising the poles and stakes provided.

Tested at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, and in the field, there are more than 100,000 COMBAT tents fielded with no returns to date.

One-person combat tent for repeated field-use

The tent, combat one-person (TCOP) is another unique Eureka! tent.

This individual shelter incorporates all of the important features requested by personnel in the field, and is dry tough and fast.

Rugged in the field, proven on the front and made to meet the challenge, the TCOP is designed using durable materials that meet or exceed government requirements, and withstand repeated field use.

It’s extremely tough and durable, as is far better quality than the traditional shelter half,, so much so that the United States Navy Seabee’s have adopted this tent for their standard ground operations.

Extreme cold weather tents (ECWT)

Eureka!’s extreme cold weather tent is a four soldier, all-season, tension pole supported shelter with 64ft² of floor space and an interior height of 54in in the mission transport configuration.

The tent weighs less than 21.5lb, and the transport cube is less than 1.6ft³.

Each tent comes with two rain flys (woodland camo and arctic white), and the fly provides an additional 30ft² of vestibule area.

The ECWT is designed to be operable in climates ranging from -25° F to +25° F. It can also withstand 50mph steady winds with one person and up to 65mph with a guest in the tent, as well as repel wind-driven rain at 2in per hour with 20mph winds.

The snow load is a minimum of 4lbs per square foot.

Tents and shelters with integrated components

Johnson Outdoors Gear provides innovative shelter systems and the components to ensure each tent or systems meets the challenges in the field. From floors and liners to accessory kits for field expedient repair, the modular nature of the company’s systems allow for the versatility required for varied missions.

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