Otokar designs and manufactures a wide range of defence industry products, including 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 tactical wheeled armoured vehicles and tracked armoured vehicles with combat weights ranging up to 60t, as well as turret systems.

Apart from being the leading supplier of land defence systems for Turkish Armed Forces, Otokar is a registered NATO and United Nations supplier. Today, more than 30,000 military vehicles are being used on five continents in more than 30 countries.

Otokar military vehicles are operating under many different geographical and extreme climate conditions in the world and their combat capabilities are proven in real combat situations in high-risk areas.

TULPAR offers a superior mobility in a wide range of challenging terrains and climatic conditions.
ARMA is a modular, multi-wheeled vehicle with superior tactical and technical features.
As a combat proven platform, COBRA is in active duty with armed forces worldwide.
COBRA II offers outstanding mobility capability and a nine-crew carrying capacity, as well as providing protection, firepower and mission equipment for different mission types.
The URAL's optimised modular body construction design enables many configurations and assembly of various weapons / equipment required by diverse missions,.

TULPAR armoured tracked vehicle for main battle tank support

TULPAR is a multi-purpose vehicle platform featuring outmatch mine and ballistic protection for supporting new-generation main battle tanks, as well as providing infantry fire support.

TULPAR supplies superior mobility in an extensive choice of adverse terrains and climate conditions, and additionally serves various operations such as urban and peacekeeping missions.

By providing all battlefield-required mission equipment as standard, TULPAR has set the standard for the future of armoured combat vehicles with its tactical and technical features including low silhouette, electronic infrastructure, modular protection structure and transportability with A400M.

TULPAR’s flexible architecture, high payload and generous internal volume allows sufficient growth potential for future mission equipment and protection needs.

ARMA modular multi-wheeled tactical vehicle for defence operations

ARMA’s medium and high-calibre weapon system integration options, high mine and ballistic protection and superior mobility renders it capable of serving in the battlefield, human relief and peace keeping operations in adverse terrain and dimatic conditions.

ARMA is available in 6×6 and 8×8 variants, as well as configurations such as command post with optional amphibious capability, CBRN reconnaissance, infantry fighting carrier and personal carrier.

COBRA tactical wheeled armoured vehicle

The COBRA armoured vehicle incorporates a high level of mobility and survivability, and its monocoque hull’s optimised body angles offer the crew and critical mechanical components with outstanding ballistic protection.

COBRA can be adapted to fit a wide range of missions and roles, such as command post variants with an optional amphibious feature, ambulance, forward observer, ground surveillance radar, NBC reconnaissance, weapon platform and personal carrier.

COBRA is in active duty as a combat proven platform with worldwide armed forces, and operated in various terrain and climatic conditions.

COBRA II modular platform for mission use

The COBRA II modular platform features superior tactical and technical attributes. In addition to enabling high-quality mobility and a nine-crew carrying capacity, COBRA II offers mission equipment, firepower and protection for users operating within different missions.

The vehicle offers an outmatched performance in a diverse range of tough terrains and climatic environments.

URAL tactical wheeled armoured vehicle

The URAL is Otokar’s new armoured personnel carrier is a diverse modular platform providing a state-of-the-art feature set, fulfilling the needs of extremely challenging missions.

The personnel is fully protected against threats thanks to an all-around armoured hull. The vehicle’s vast interior, full-size seats, parabolic spring suspension and largest class of tyre size also provides a high level of personnel comfort.

High-quality powertrain components fitted onto a high-strength chassis maximise the vehicle’s off-road performance, compared to elastic components within the body and chassis that help to minimise the cabin vibrations on various terrains.

Many configurations and weapon / equipment assembly for diverse missions are enabled by the optimised modular body construction design, which complements the philosophy of ‘single vehicle multi operations’.