ARMA is a wheeled armoured tactical vehicle developed privately by Otokar.
ARMA 6x6 was developed for Ozel Maksatli Taktik Tekerlekli Zirhli Arac programme.
The vehicle can carry commander, driver and eight dismounts.
The amphibious vehicle can travel at a top speed of 105km/h.
The ARMA 6x6 has a turning radius of 7.85m.

ARMA 6X6 Armoured Tactical Vehicle

ARMA is a modular wheeled armoured tactical vehicle designed and developed by Otokar in Turkey. The 6 x 6 platform vehicle was unveiled at the Eurosatory 2010 held in Paris in June 2010. The amphibious vehicle can carry a crew of 10 including commander, driver and eight soldiers.

The vehicle has agile mobility and provides a high level of mine and ballistic protection. The modular design allows for different configurations of armaments and mission equipment to meet modern battlefield requirements and other tactical missions. ARMA is expected to be more cost effective than its counterparts and have superior technical and tactical abilities.

The Koc Group Company, Otokar has also developed other armoured vehicles such as the Cobra and Kaya mine resistant troop carriers, for military use. Other armoured vehicles include a discreetly armoured station wagon, armoured patrol vehicles such as the Akrep, and the Otokar armoured internal security vehicle. It is also the prime contractor for the development of the Turkish Altay main battle tank.

The first export order for ARMA, worth $10.6m, was placed in December 2010. In June 2011, Otokar received a $63.2m export contract for ARMA vehicles.

ARMA armoured vehicle development

The ARMA 6×6 was developed for the Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle programme (OMTTZA) for the Turkish Land Forces. Development of the tactical vehicle was started in 2007. The project was entirely funded by Otokar.

“ARMA is expected to be more cost effective than its counterparts.”

The company was responsible for the concept design, qualification, validation processes, detailed design, computer aided engineering studies and prototype testing phases of the vehicle. About 10,000km of running tests on prototypes have been conducted on different terrains.

ARMA 6×6 has been validated by Otokar R&D and is currently ready for mass production. Otokar reserves the intellectual rights for supplying and exporting ARMA to domestic and international markets. The 8×8 version of the ARMA family is currently under development.

Design and protection

The 6.4m x 2.7m x 2.2m ARMA has a modular design and can be configured to multi-wheels. The vehicle has a gross weight of 18,500kg and a payload capacity of 4,500kg. A spacious internal volume is created by placing the engine at the front of the vehicle. This internal layout can be used ergonomically and efficiently.

ARMA provides high anti-mine and ballistic protection due to its monocoque steel hull. The hull is also fully protected from biological and chemical threats. The dismounts seating of all the personnel are mounted on anti-mine seats. The 425mm ground clearance protects the crew from mines. Air conditioning is standard with the ARMA 6 x 6.


ARMA is armed with a 12.7mm machine gun mounted on a circle ring support. It can also be equipped with a range of manual and remote weapons stations.


The vehicle is powered by a 450hp water-cooled turbo diesel engine which uses F-34 or F-54 fuel. It drives the wheels through a single-speed transfer box and an automatic gearbox.

The engine also powers a 3.3kW converter and two 125Ah batteries which are included in the 24V DC electrical system on-board.


ARMA has a power to weight ratio of 24.3hp/t and can travel at a maximum speed of 105km/h. It has geared hubs and a double wishbone-type independent hydro-pneumatic suspension system, as well as longitudinal and transverse differential locks.

“The ARMA can be configured in 6 x 4 or 6 x 6 mode drives based on the terrain.”

The tyres are able to run flat and a central inflation system is supplied as standard. These offer safety and a comfortable ride to the crew over difficult terrain. The ARMA can be configured in 6 x 4 or 6 x 6 mode drives based on the terrain.

The steerable front axles give ARMA a turning radius of 7.85m. The angle of approach and departure is 45°. The vehicle has a gradient of 60% and a 30% side-slope. It can also climb over obstacles of more than 60cm and cross a 1.2m wide trench.

The two hydraulically driven propellers and a pivot turn capability give ARMA the amphibious manoeuvrability in seas. The ARMA 6 x 6 in standard configuration is transportable by C130 aircraft.