The ARMA 8x8 armoured tactical vehicle was developed for Turkish Armed Forces.
A side view of the ARMA 8x8 armoured tactical vehicle.
The ARMA 8x8 armoured tactical vehicle has a modular and highly protected monocoque armoured hull.
The ARMA 8x8 can be configured as an amphibious vehicle.
The ARMA 8x8 armoured vehicle can climb a gradient of 60%.
The ARMA 8x8 can negotiate side slopes of 30%.

ARMA 8x8 armoured tactical vehicle

The ARMA 8×8 is a wheeled armoured tactical vehicle designed and developed by Otokar Otomotiv ve Savunma Sanayi, a company based in Turkey. Otokar designed the vehicle for the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and based its design on the previous ARMA 6X6 armoured tactical vehicle.

In May 2013 the 8×8 vehicle was unveiled at the 11th International Defence Industry Fair (IDF).

ARMA 8×8 design and equipment features

The ARMA 8×8 integrates an armoured monocoque V-shaped steel hull, offering a low silhouette and large internal volume. The modular design of the ARMA 8×8 enables the user to install a range of weapon systems and equipments based on their particular mission requirements. A maximum of 12 personnel, including a driver and a commander, can fit inside this vehicle.

The vehicle has an overall length of 7.82m and height of 2.22m. The overall width and track width of the vehicle are 2.7m and 2.3m respectively. The ground clearance is 0.42m and the gross weight is 24,000kg.

Standard equipment fitted to the vehicle include a hydraulically-operated ramp door, rear-view camera, thermal front camera, vehicle electronics (ARMATRONICS), an air conditioning/heating system, blackout lighting system, inter-vehicle start socket, radio provisions, on-vehicle equipment and a central main switch.

ARMA is a modular wheeled armoured tactical vehicle designed and developed by Otokar in Turkey.

A number of optional equipment can be installed onboard the ARMA 8×8 including a self-recovery winch, a protection kit for safeguarding from nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) attacks, fire suppression systems, intercom system, amphibious kit, grenade launchers, navigation system (GPS/INS), and an auxiliary power unit (APU).

Variants of ARMA 8×8 mission needs

Depending on the critical needs of the armed forces, the ARMA 8×8 can be configured to cater to different missions such as an armoured personnel carrier (APC), infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), mobile gun system and mortar carrier for assisting the forces during the mission-critical operation.

It can also be configured as a command post, ambulance, CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear), reconnaissance, driver training, reconnaissance, maintenance and recovery vehicle.

Armaments of the ARMA 8×8

The ARMA 8×8 vehicle allows the integration of various weapon systems ranging from 7.62mm to 105mm. It can be installed with a 120mm mortar. It can be mounted with an open cupola, remotely controlled weapon station, and medium and high-calibre turrets.

High-calibre weapons like 7.62mm, 12.7mm, 14.5mm and 20mm machine guns and grenade launchers can also be installed on the vehicle depending on the weapon station. The ARMA 8×8 platform is even suitable for carrying anti-tank or anti-aircraft missile systems.

Self-protection features and future upgrades

The ARMA 8×8 vehicle offers ballistic protection against kinetic energy (KE) projectiles and fragments, mines, rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), explosively formed penetrators (EFPs), and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

The seating is provided to minimise the bodily injuries in case of explosion. The protection levels can be upgraded through modular armour kits to meet the future requirements.

ARMA 8×8 engine details

This armoured tactical vehicle is powered by an 8.9l water cooled, turbo charged diesel engine. The common rail, intercooler engine coupled to an automatic eight speed gearbox (seven forward, one reverse) can generate a maximum power of 450hp (336kW) at 2,200rpm. The engine can generate a torque of 1,627nm at 1,300rpm.

The ARMA 8×8 has a power to weight ratio of 18.75hp/t. The 400l fuel tank installed on the vehicle can burn either F-34 grade of F-54 grade fuel across a maximum range of 700km.

ARMA 8×8 mobility and performance

The ARMA 8×8 has a maximum speed of 105km/h on road. It can cruise at a maximum speed of 8km/h in water, when used as an amphibious vehicle.

The protection levels can be upgraded through modular armour kits to meet the future requirements.

Air-over hydraulic service brakes with discs are installed on each wheel of the vehicle, as well as a dual circuit with anti braking system (ABS) and an air-over hydraulic independent park brake system. It can be optionally fitted with pneumatic service brakes with discs on each wheel, dual circuit with ABS, and a pneumatic independent park brake system.

The tyres of the ARMA 8×8 are fitted with a run-flat device, allowing vehicle mobility even when one or more tires are flat. The vehicle is fitted with either 395/85 R20 size radial tyres or 14.00 R20 size radial tyres.

The suspension system includes either a fully independent suspension with hydro-pneumatic struts on each wheel or a fully independent suspension with telescopic type shock absorber and helical spring.

The ARMA 8×8 has an angle of approach and departure of 42°. It can cross natural or man-made obstacles up to 600mm high, and trenches 2,000mm wide.

The ARMA 8×8 can negotiate a gradient of 60% and side slopes of 30%. The central tyres inflation system (CTIS) provides smoother ride on different terrains. The vehicle can be optionally fitted with twin propeller drive system to achieve amphibious capability. The ARMA 8×8 is airportable by C-130 or bigger aircraft.

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