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Chemical Protective Clothing

Ansell Protective Solutions (formerly Trelleborg Protective Products) has more than 100 years of experience manufacturing chemical protective clothing and accessories using polymer materials.

Ansell Protective Solutions (formerly Trelleborg Protective Products) has more than 100 years of experience manufacturing chemical protective clothing and accessories using polymer materials.

The company is a member of the Safety Equipment Institute, US (SEI) certification programme, and manufactures its Trellchem suits in accordance with NFPA 1991 accreditation.

Ansell’s suits are used by some of the world’s leading companies and national organisations, including the Shell Group, the US Air Force, the Singapore Civil Defence Force and the Tokyo Police Agency.

Protective clothing against chemical warfare agents and biological hazards

Ansell’s Trellchem gastight / Level A suit range provides the highest performing chemical protective clothing worldwide, from single-skin suits certified to the most demanding standards in both America and Europe to defence forces worldwide.

Ansell Protective Solutions supplies protective clothing and accessories to the military, civil emergency services and multi-national companies.
The Trellchem branded range of gastight suits offers the highest performing chemical protective clothing in the world.
The Trellchem 2000P is a powered air purifying respirator suit ideal for use by decontamination personnel in a variety of situations.
The Trellchem NEO suit offers excellent chemical resistance in combination with very good mechanical strength and low weight.
The Trellchem Splash 2000 is a suit offering totally encapsulating splash protection for use where a gastight suit is not required.

Ansell’s suits are design with functionality and maximum protection at the forefront, to ensure personnel can work safely while completing their mission efficiently. Each suit is manufactured with excellent resilience for extended chemical response missions and biological hazards.

Ansell’s Trellchem EVO suit model provides the most protection in its range, against hazardous chemicals and warfare agents in liquid, vapour, gaseous and solid form. The suit is fully certified in accordance with NFPA 1991, European standard EN-943-1 and EN 943-2, including the optional chemical flash fire and liquefied gas protection features.

Trellchem has a number of other suits in the gastight range, including:

  • Trellchem VPS-Flash
  • Trellchem VPS
  • Trellchem Super
  • Trellchem Light
  • Trellchem NEO

Powered air purifying respirator suits

Trellchem’s 2000P suit was developed for use with a powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) for longer work hours and less weight to carry. The suit is ideal for use by decontamination personnel for various situations, is reusable and can be decontaminated and repaired in the event of any damage.

Liquid chemical splash protection PVC suits

Trellchem’s PVC-coated Splash suits effectively protect the user from liquid chemical splashes in operations where a gaslight suit is not required. The suits are made in three different models and are all EN 14095 standard.

For complete protection, the Trellchem Splash 2000offers extensive splash protection for situations when a gastight suit is optional. The Splash 2000 protects the user against hazardous chemicals in liquid and solid form, and offers especially good protection against acids and alkalis. In addition to this, the Splash 2000 is designed to carry a breathing apparatus inside the suit and is fully certified in accordance with the European standard EN 14605 rating.

Hazard chemical protection suits without breathing apparatuses

The Trellchem Freeflow range of protection suits are well-suited for operations where a self-contained breathing apparatus is not required; instead, the suit connects to an external air source. This means staff can work longer hours in a more comfortable environment.

The Freeflow range provides excellent protection against hazardous chemicals in multiple forms, such as liquid, vapour, gaseous and solid.

Trellchem’s Super Freefrow model is manufactured from Trellchem’s Super material, which is based on a woven fabric coated in elastomers, to increase strength and durability while maintaining softness and flexibility.

The combination of butyl rubber with Viton® on top offers an outstanding resistance to chemical attack from a wide range of different chemicals.

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