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EOD / IEDD Equipment, EOD Robots and Vehicles

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Telerob GmbH, trading as Cobham Unmanned Systems, is a leading provider of integrated homeland security solutions and unmanned platforms, utilising more than 30 years of expertise in this highly specialised field.

Cobham Unmanned Systems’ mission is "To develop machines, equipment and systems that protect or replace human beings in situations where their presence would be either impossible or place them at great risk".

Whether the task at hand is disarming an improvised explosive device (IED) with a remote controlled robot; investigating nuclear, biological or chemical (NBC) hazards with an unmanned sensor platform; or deploying mobile, fully-networked measurement, monitoring and intervention systems to ensure the safety and security of critical infrastructure, Cobham’s top priority is always the protection of people and their surroundings.

Cobham Unmanned Systems’ product range includes mobile unmanned sensor platforms with manipulators for taking samples of suspicious substances; vehicles equipped with state of the art robots for detecting and disarming of improvised explosive and incendiary devices (IED’s); and integrated mobile systems for dealing with full spectrum of asymmetric threats.

Remote controlled robotic solutions

More than 700 Cobham Unmanned systems are in service today, supporting bomb disposal officers and first responders in nations around the world.

Distance means safety; this basic rule with regard to disarming explosive devices means that bomb disposal officers increasingly prefer EOD robots as their tool of choice.

Not only are bomb disposal officers exposed to a wide and varied range of hazards today; rescue forces and first responders increasingly get into situations that involve an extremely high level of personnel danger. Unmanned robotic systems have been developed to allow inspection and deal with hazards from a safe distance.

Building on this exceptional experience base, highly advanced solutions can be offered today; semiautonomous and remote controlled robots that can take samples of suspected biological or chemical warfare agents, plus reconnaissance platforms for CBRNE detection.

telemax explosive ordnance (EOD) robot

The telemax robot is the most versatile EOD / Hazmat robot available on the market today. It packs up small enough to fit in the back of a small SUV but is able to reach more 2.4m tall.

A four-track running gear has been used for the first time in a vehicle of this size, which offers superior mobility compared to other forms of running gear. This means that it can handle gradients of 45° or 100% without difficulty. It can overcome obstacles of up to half a metre in height without problems and also trenches of 60cm in width.

The basic principle of ‘less is more’ applies with special forces if the situation involves working in confined spaces; in all cases where the big EOD robot cannot be used its little brother provides that vital distance between the bomb disposal engineer and the explosive device (IED, EOD, bomb) that can mean the difference between life and death: in aircraft, in subways, in buses or other means of public transport.

The telemax has a unique set of features making it highly mobile and suitable for operating in confined spaces; the four individually articulating tracks are controlled separately and can be moved individually in pairs or altogether as desired. Additionally, an intelligent controller sets running gear configurations to cope with the relevant situation at the press of a button.

These features make it easier for the operator to control the vehicle, especially in tricky situations such as narrow stairways and high steps. Inclination sensors ensure that the robot always maintains its balance. If a travelling speed of 4km/h is not enough, then the high speed version offers up to 10km/h.

The operating concept of the telemax is almost revolutionary by comparison to other robots on the market. It is the only EOD robot in the world that has a so-called TCP controller. TCP stands here for ‘Tool Center Point’, the middle point of the tool, or more simply, the gripper or disruptor. This kind of manipulator control makes the telemax the best in class robot in manipulation.

telemax is the only robot in this class that has two tool magazines incorporated into the chassis. This means two additional tools / firing systems can be used on an operation without needing to go back to the starting point. The manipulator automatically takes out the additional tools at the simple press of a button.

NBCmax CBRNE service robot

The NBCmax service robot is a universal mobile sensor platform that can be equipped with a broad palette of sensors to detect and investigate chemical, biological, explosive or toxic substances (CBRNE).

Today rescue forces and first responders such as the fire service, technical rescue specialists or international aid forces increasingly find themselves in situations that involve an extremely high level of personal danger. This includes operations that involve hazardous materials, toxic substances or even biologically harmful materials such as viruses or bacteria. Once such substances have been released-whether through accidents or intentionally – the rescue forces are exposed to maximum danger if working manually.

The NBCmax has been developed to allow the response forces to inspect, and if applicable, deal with hazards from a safe distance. The data collected, ranging from gas concentration and gamma radiation through to evidence of explosives, is transmitted back to the control panel of the robot to be processed by the operator.

tEODor explosive ordnance (EOD) robot

tEODor is an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and observation robot that sets the standard worldwide.

Distance means safety; robust, reliable and flexible in use, the innovative bomb disposal system provides a maximum degree of safety and protection. The basic model is designed as a twin-track vehicle with extremely good manoeuvrability and good properties on open ground; the running gear, equipped with sprung rollers, is characterised by the ability to climb at angles of up to 45°. The individual links of the robust steel track can be easily replaced if they become worn or damaged.

The high-torque drive units work with continuous four-quadrant control, both backwards and forwards. Both the vehicle and the manipulator can be operated with extreme delicacy. When the vehicle stops on slopes or gradients, the safety brakes operate automatically to hold the vehicle in place.

EOD – IEDD TEL600 service vehicles

The TEL600 series is a family of vehicles that deal with the demanding tasks associated with the location, identification and removal of explosive and incendiary devices, especially in the event that there is suspicion of a dirty bomb.

The range encompasses a compact rapid response (S) vehicle based on a fast four wheel drive (4X4) vehicle to take immediate action at the crime scene; medium-sized (M) search-and-detection vehicles for location and identification operations; and fully equipped IED / NBC response systems (L) weighing up to 8t.

The XL and XXL systems, based on medium-sized and heavy trucks, represent the highest standard in bomb disposal vehicles, providing security personnel with the optimum amount of equipment to cover every eventuality. Kit ranges from a simple hook-and-line set through to various EOD robots and unmanned reconnaissance platforms, all the way up to a NBC robot with a fully automatic system to take samples and investigate hazardous biological materials. Systems are made-to-order based on individual customer specifications.

Simple, Reliable, Trainable Robotics

'To develop machines, equipment and systems that protect or replace human beings in situations where their presence would be either impossible or place them at great risk.'

Minirex Tactical Robot

The minirex lightweight tactical robot is developed by Lobaev Robotics, which is owned by Russian weapons manufacturer KB Integrated Systems.

Uran-9 Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle

The Uran-9 multipurpose unmanned ground combat vehicle was unveiled by Russian military equipment manufacturer JSC 766 UPTK during the Army-2016 International Miltary-Technical Forum held in Russia in September 2016.

Uran-6 Mine-Clearing Robot

Uran-6 is a multi-functional, mine-clearing robotic system manufactured by JSC 766 UPTK for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Canadian Army Orders 23 tEODor

OTTAWA/OSTFILDERN, March 2006 - The Telerob company of Ostfildern, Germany has succeeding in convincing another high-prestige client of the outstanding performance characteristics of its tEODor bomb disposal robot. In a hard-fought competition against "home teams" from the United States a

New Marching Orders! 200th tEODor Goes to the Australian Army

Major milestones in tEODor history: Madrid, November 2002: the 50th tEODor goes to the Spanish Army. Koblenz, July 2003: the 100th tEODor is supplied to the Bundeswehr. Ostfildern, November 2005: the 200th tEODor sets out for Australia. This un

Project Cutlass: Cutting Edge Bomb Disposal Technology from telerob

Since November 2002 Rheinmetall subsidiary telerob has been busily engaged in its largest, most sophisticated EOD robotics project to date. Codenamed "Cutlass", the project is intended to produce a replacement as quickly as possible for the British Army's aging fleet of "Wheelbarrow&#