Raytech is a world leader in manufacturing complete electrical systems, including harness components and ready-to-plug-in harness up to battle panels. All Raytech products are built to customer specifications and optimised for the specific tasks required.

Through its excellent engineering capability backed up by a 6,000m² warehouse and in-house connector assembling, Raytech supports its customer design, prototype and serial production needs, regardless of platform or hull type.

Complete electronic systems

As a ‘one-stop’ solution provider, Raytech can handle every single aspect of its client’s electrical system. Furthermore, Raytech is able to deliver various battle panels, including the complete harness system for the whole vehicle.

To avoid the general trouble of long lead times for connectors, Raytech founded its own connector assembly line for the manufacture of MIL-D38999, C-5015 as well as VG95234 and VG95328 connectors.

Raytech provides harness solutions for design, prototype and serial production to any specifications.
Raytech is the specialist in retrofit, upgrade and maintenance of a vast range of military vehicles and equipment.
Raytech is the one-stop-source for battle panels including the complete harness system, which is just ready to plug in.
Raytech is the leading supplier of electrical equipment and complete connectivity solutions for the airborne, ground and marine industries.
Raytech’s production plants worldwide are qualified to ISO 9001/ AQAP2120 and JAR standards.
Raytech supplies zero-halogen cables and components for marine applications.

Worldwide military system support

Through a worldwide technical service we can support any type of military system throughout the platform’s lifecycle, regardless of where the system was originally built or shipped.

Modification and upgrade services

Today’s cost-saving pressure on military programmes makes upgrade and retrofit of existing systems even more important than new designs. In this area Raytech supports and improves instrument panels, high-speed networks and complete electrical harnesses for all platforms with the target on military ground equipment as well as airborne or marine.

Customer services

Raytech supports instrument panels, high-speed interface cables and electrical harnesses for your present existing equipment. By offering a cost-effective production and precise delivery directly to you, we save your time and money.

That’s why well-known companies in all five continents, such as General Dynamics, RUAG, Singapore Technologies, Thales and many others, as well as the Austrian Army and other armies in the Far East and Middle East are already using Raytech’s unbeatable service.

Military component product range

The index of product groups contains an extensive array of compatible component systems:

  • Wire and cables, ruggedised for military applications
  • EMI/EMP optimised screening with shield termination systems
  • Multicore cables, according to customer specifications – with prototype short length possibilities
  • Connectors and back shells complying to ROHS or MIL-specs
  • Zero-halogen cables and components for marine and mass transit applications
  • Heat-shrink materials
  • Identification systems
  • Computerised inkjet and laser and thermo transfer print service for heatshrink and wires
  • Harness and box design software, engineering service and prototypes
  • Complete battle panels
  • Serial manufacturing according to ISO 9001/AQAP2120/JAR standards

About Raytech

Raytech’s production plants worldwide are qualified to ISO 9001/ AQAP2120 and JAR standards. Due to our staying power, efficiency and strong quality control, we are satisfying about 1,800 customers in over 50 countries worldwide.

If you would like to benefit from our 25+ years of experience, please don’t hesitate to contact us.