Lone Star Field Products (Lone Star) manufactures the only portable, no tools required, global traverse and elevation (T&E) weapon systems platform that guarantees sub-minute-of-angle (MOA) results from all standing, kneeling and sitting positions on demand.

High-performance weapon tripods for secure shooting platforms

Originally designed to provide a more stable shooting platform in place of lightweight camera tripods for the extreme distance hunting community, the SPEC-REST has emerged into military / law-enforcement (LE) markets worldwide, typically utilising camera tripods for precision engagements when the prone position cannot be attained.

Although useful for short-term and quick engagements, camera tripods do not have the ability to support the full weight of the weapon while tracking a target, nor can they support the weight of large-calibre hard-target weapons potentially causing tremendous shooter liability. They also cannot provide micro elevation adjustment and they have no means of mitigating vibration during any adjustment. The SPEC-REST addresses all these issues and transforms any long gun into a precision mounted weapon system.

Multiple SOF teams currently utilise SPEC-REST to support all crew served weapons for defensive force protection, dignitary and FOB over watch.
Typical parade route over watch in a major US city for hard target intervention employing the Barrett M82A1.
The SPEC-REST can support the full weight of large-calibre, hard-target weapon systems.
SPEC-REST head utilising the clamp to be able to attach to any pole horizontal or vertical 1.5in-4in in diameter to support non-conventional standing positions.
SWAT snipers utilising the QUAD POD on a tables, benches and ledges from the standing position at public venues.
Robert Black, owner of Lone Star Field Products and designer of the SPEC-REST, utilises the tri-pod from the sitting position to engage prairie dogs at 800 yards.
SWAT snipers utilising the QUAD POD to engage targets from the sitting position at a public venue.
The SPEC-REST is utilised by helicopter interdiction teams.
SWAT snipers deployed to cover all access/egress road ways with hard-target weapon systems from the standing position.

The SPEC-REST is divided into two key components, namely the head and the mount.

The head utilises a mechanical arm with two hand formable receiver yokes made from a heavy durometer rubber lined material to ensure a snug fit on all weapon chassis while providing a lifetime of forming and reforming. The yokes mount in front of and behind the weapons receiver, allowing full support of the weapon system’s weight.

The mount utilises a robust tripod, QUAD POD or clamp depending upon the requirements and environment. Only general tripod, QUAD POD, or clamp levelling is required because exact levelling can be accomplished within the hand-formable yokes.

It does not require any fixtures such as pins, latches, clamps or buckles, making the SPEC-REST an essential piece of gear for covert to overt operations.

Motion and precision tracking for weapon systems

The precision traversing and elevating (T&E) mechanism allows a full range of motion and precision tracking while simultaneously allowing a transition to micro-elevation adjustment.

The T&E mechanism utilises patented live screw/variable drag technology (LS/VDT), which allows the shooter to adjust the amount of felt resistance due to friction (variable drag) when tracking targets while having the ability to simultaneously make micro-elevation adjustments (live screw).

Adjusting the amount of felt resistance allows consistent tracking between weapon systems regardless of the weapon’s weight and balance. Simultaneous micro-elevation adjustments are accomplished by rotating a large knurled knob fastened to the live screw. The knob can be rotated to make micro-elevation adjustments at any moment during tracking, which allows the simultaneous transition between these two actions so as to create one fluid motion; macro to micro.

The location of the live screw attenuates vibration during micro-elevation adjustment. The live screw has a medium thread pattern but due to its sharp angle from the vertical axis, rotating the knurled knob produces a less than one-to-one elevation adjustment. This prevents the shooter from witnessing the vibration associated with a class fit of this thread in the vertical axis.

With all these improvements over the standard camera tripod, the SPEC-REST guarantees sub-MOA groups from any weapon system capable of producing these groups and has been implemented in a wide array of operations nationally and internationally.

Currently in use with international Special Operations Forces (SOF), SWAT teams, venue security teams, helicopter interdiction teams, maritime security details, hunters and other government agencies, the SPEC-REST proves essential in operations such as barricaded suspects, hostage rescue operations, active shooter/hard target engagements and long-term venue and dignitary over watch scenarios.

Barricaded suspects and hostage rescue situations

Capable of supporting the full weight of the weapon system, the SPEC-REST eliminates shooter fatigue during long-term engagements. Barricaded suspects and hostage rescue situations can span hours or even days. For a sniper team to stay on target for this amount of time while physically supporting the weapon, fatigue will ultimately set in.

The SPEC-REST enables the shooter to track the target while fully neutralising the weapon’s weight, and come off of the weapon system while the weapon continues to stay on target. This feature renders SPEC-REST as a force multiplier.

Hard-target weapon system engagements

The SPEC-REST provides the ability to employ on-demand, large-calibre hard-target weapon systems within an environment of high-pedestrian traffic and near zero options for the prone positions.

Releasing a round from a large-calibre hard-target weapon system causes potential incredible shooter liability, whereby the shooter needs to have complete control. These situations require a universal robust weapon systems mount such as the SPEC-REST.

About Lone Star Field Products

Lone Star Field Products is an extension of our larger precision machining and sheet metal fabrication company, Milltech Manufacturing. We are direct manufacturers for the critical needs of aircraft and related defence departments.

We have been in business for 38 years, operating to AS9100 aircraft standards.

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