Ranatec Instrument is an ISO9000-certified supplier of customised microwave instruments. With years of experience in microwave design and manufacturing, we use our in-house expertise and large, fully equipped laboratory to develop high-quality products that suit a variety of applications.

Ranatec is a leading vendor of microwave test and measurement equipment, with a particular focus on radar performance monitoring and service. Ranatec instruments measure factors such as power, noise figure, pulse width and frequency spectrum to ensure excellent radar performance in critical applications. Ranatec high-precision signal generators are used to calibrate radar receivers and for target simulation.

Radar performance monitoring systems

A radar performance monitoring system is designed to be connected to a radar during operation. It measures and reports online measurements for the transmitter and receiver system. A complete radar performance monitoring system will comprise:

  • Radar performance monitor – e.g. Ranatec RI 900 or Model 9000
  • RF head – e.g. Ranatec Model 323/324 or Model 326
  • Noise source – Ranatec supplies noise sources ranging from 0.01GHz to 35GHz
  • Power sensor – Ranatec supplies power sensors ranging from 0.1GHz to 10GHz
  • Cables

Microwave signal generators

Ranatec microwave signal generators are available in ranges from 0.9GHz to 12.4GHz. These high-performance generators are simple to operate, lightweight and rugged, and feature synthesised frequency stability in all units.

Ranatec is a specialist in microwave test and measurement equipment.
Ranatec Model 9000 radar performance monitor.
Model 324 RF head.
The Model 5000 microwave signal generator.
The RI 910 radar maintenance instrument.
Ranatec’s high-performance RI 208 coaxial cellular network (CCN).
RI 1201 PXI switch module.
RI 1601 differential amplifier.
Ranatec RF2000A switch box.
Ranatec high-power attenuators are designed to have the lowest VSWR on the market.

Ranatec microwave signal generators are ideal for use in radar stations and microwave laboratories. They are designed to test the overall performance of radar receivers by introducing an artificial echo in the antenna transmission line. Tests can be performed on factors such as centre frequency, bandwidth and MDS, among others.

Radar maintenance equipment

Ranatec radar maintenance equipment is designed to enable efficient radar installation, calibration and repair. Depending on requirements, it can generate online measurements during radar operation or offline measurements when the radar is not in use. A complete radar maintenance kit comprises:

  • Radar maintenance instrument – e.g. Ranatec all-in-one RI 910 instrument
  • RF head – e.g. Ranatec Model 323/324 or Model 326
  • Noise source – Ranatec supplies noise sources from 0.01GHz to 35GHz
  • Power sensors – Ranatec supplies power sensors from 0.1GHz to 10GHz
  • Cables

Mobile test instruments

Ranatec’s RI 208 coaxial cellular network (CCN) is a high-performance CCN with very fast attenuation setting, designed for mobile network testing applications. It features an 8×8 matrix with 64 independent attenuators, and 690MHz – 2,700MHz RF frequency range.

The high-performance RI 260 tunable notch filter covers all mobile bands. It is divided into three filter segments: 698MHz – 1,000MHz, 1,400MHz – 2,000MHz and 2,000MHz – 2,700MHz. It is designed for applications such as spurious response measurements, blocking measurements, and design verification of radio transmitters and receivers.

The RI 700 carrier-to-noise generator features a high dynamic range and a web browser user interface. It is ideal for applications such as BER tests, receiver tests and handover tests.

PXI modules

Ranatec offers a variety of PXI modules, including:

  • RI 1201 – this reliable PXI switch module provides high repeatability and high-end electrical performance, and is ideal for mm-wave production tests and automated design verifications
  • RI 150X – this high-performance CW signal generator is calibrated over a wide output power range and is ideal for C-X band radar applications
  • RI 1601 – this low-noise differential amplifier is optimised for low noise, high DC gain accuracy and short settling time, making it ideal for accurate current transient measurements
  • RI 1701 – a fast and accurate carrier-to-noise generator in PXI format, designed for BER testing on systems with a 70 or 140 MHz IF, such as microwave links
  • RI 1801 – an ultra-linear digitiser with high dynamic range and wide bandwidth, designed for demanding signal analysis

Switching systems

The Ranatec RF2000A switch box is a flexible test system automation platform that enables you to integrate your complete test system into a single box. It is also suitable for integration of all other coaxial/waveguide parts of a test system, and its backplane-based architecture means that modules can be easily added or removed without the need for a software upgrade.

The RF2000A is a cost-effective way to automate test systems; for example, volume production tests of mobiles, base stations, radio links and radars; automated design verification tests; radio network emulation in a lab environment; and remote control of test systems for monitoring, etc.

High-power attenuators and terminations

Ranatec high-power attenuators and high-power terminations are designed to have the lowest VSWR on the market and can be tailored according to customer requirements.

Although typically used to test magnetrons and klystrons, high-power attenuators can also be used in applications where power needs to be decreased to a more suitable level for the test gear in use.

High-power terminations are designed for use as dummy loads for high-power microwave transmitters, but can also be used in laboratories as low-power terminations.