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Technology-Based Industrial Products

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24 Usacheva Street,
Moscow 119048,

Rostec Corp is a provider of technology-based industrial products.

The company operates its business in the areas of automotive engineering and manufacturing; aircraft engineering; engine manufacturing; metallurgy; construction; optics; composite and other advanced structural materials; medical equipment; pharmaceuticals; industrial biotechnologies; radio electronics; instrument engineering and manufacturing; information technology and telecommunications; machine tool building and equipment manufacturing for industry upgrade; and arms and military equipment manufacturing.

The core functions of the company include advertising, exhibition, and marketing; showcasing civil, military, and dual-purpose products; supporting applied research in areas of scientific and technological development; and participating in the implementation of the state policy in the field of military and technical cooperation between the Russian Federation and foreign states as well as the state armament plan.


24 Usacheva Street
Moscow 119048

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