Based on 40 years of South African defence engineering and military operational experience, Twiga Services and Logistics has focused on providing its clients with capabilities to further develop their indigenous capabilities for the provision of goods and services for defence, security and humanitarian aid requirements.

As a young company in the South African defence industry sector, Twiga ensures that its clients are provided with bespoke customised and specialised supply programmes underpinned by skills and technology transfers that create products and services while further developing capabilities.

Twiga supplies modern armoured vehicles, rugged riverine patrol boats, weapon mounts, night vision and thermal equipment and security enhancement systems that further develop indigenous maintenance and support systems and local manufacture and assembly capabilities.

Twiga continues to successfully supply programmes into many client countries including the manufacture and assembly of armoured vehicles, the remanufacture of South African military vehicles, the establishment of military vehicle repair and maintenance programmes and the repair and maintenance of armoured vehicles in operational areas.

Patrol boats fabricated from high-density polyethylene (hdpe) make these boats virtually indestructible water platforms suitable for hard working environments.
Twiga's wide range of night vision and thermal imaging devices are suitable for military and police surveillance, observation, anti-poaching and counter-smuggling operations.
The CoroCAM provides high-quality imagery and accurate identification of problem areas by capturing electrical and corona discharges, enabling early detection and resulting in cost savings.
Nyoka 4x4 are a manufactured range of mine and ballistic protect vehicles assembled in the client’s country.
Using ex-stock South African Army vehicles our remanufacture programmes provides the equivalent of 80% of a new vehicle.
A wide range of weapon mounts are supplied to suit client operational needs.

Together with its strategic South African and international partners, Twiga supplies a wide range of advisory and consultancy services, programmes for the acquisition and provision of scarce human resources, the development of joint venture assembly and manufacture projects and the supply of operational areas of various equipment for military, security and humanitarian aid clients.

Nyoka 4×4 protected vehicle platform

The Nyoka 4×4 range of mine and ballistic protected vehicles, designed and qualified in South Africa, and can be assembled in the client’s country, to provide a cost-effective solution for urban and off-road operational requirements. The Nyoka 4×4 is in service in both the Armoured Personnel Carrier and Weapon Platform variants and has proven itself operationally in Eastern and Central Africa.

Military vehicle remanufacture programmes

Using ex-stock South African armoured vehicles, Twiga supplies clients with military vehicle remanufacture programmes providing clients with the equivalent of 80% of a new vehicle. Military vehicle remanufacture programmes can include various sub-system upgrades, fitment of ancillary equipment and are supplied with maintenance and service kits, as well as the necessary documentation and training programmes.

Specialised spares supply programmes

The customised and client determined military vehicle spares packages supplied by Twiga are preserved, packed and marked to ensure easy logistic management by the client and delivered into operational areas backed up with logistic management training and computerised logistic management systems.

CoroCAM range

The CoroCAM camera range, designed, developed, qualified and manufactured in South Africa, allows for the identification of electricity leaks whereby ensuring proactive maintenance and saving the cost of lost electricity. The CoroCAM range of cameras provide high quality imagery and accurate identification of problem electrical corona discharges which can be stored as images and video and used for analysis and planned, timeous maintenance.

Night vision and thermal imaging devices

Twiga supplies a wide range of night vision and thermal imaging devices suitable for military and police surveillance, observation, anti-poaching and counter-smuggling operations.

Training and skills development programmes

The transfer of skills and technology requires continuous and bespoke training programmes which form a key part of programmes being supplied by Twiga. These training and skills transfer programmes include vehicle operator training, mechanical and auto-electrical training, pneumatics and braking system courses, logistics management training and project management, human resource acquisition and management as well as facilities management programmes.

Rugged riverine patrol boat range

The rugged riverine patrol boat range is fabricated from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) making these boats virtually indestructible water platforms suitable for harsh working environments. The rugged riverine patrol boat range can be supplied in sizes from 6m to 12m and can be fitted with outboard motors or inboard diesel engines with stern drive or jet drive propulsion systems. These South African designed, developed and qualified boats can be supplied to the client or manufactured in the client’s country.

Turnkey workshop developments

Underpinning the successful supply and maintenance of military and security vehicles is the ability of the client to carry out repairs and maintenance itself. Twiga continues to provide clients, through joint ventures and collaborative agreements, complete mechanical workshops and manufacture facilities constructed in country and supported by the required management and logistical systems.