Nyoka 4x4

The Nyoka 4×4 protected vehicle platform provides a cost-effective option for urban and rural operations. The Nyoka 4×4 has ballistic protection equal to NATO STANAG Level 1 and can withstand a single anti-tank mine blast anywhere under the hull.

The Nyoka is well suited for military and policing operations where cross-country mobility is required. The vehicle is in service as an armoured personnel carrier and weapon platform.

Nyoka 4×4 key performance areas:

  • High-mobility all-wheel drive for urban and rural operations
  • Exceptional on and off-road performance
  • Monocoque hull fitted with Mercedes Benz remanufactured drive train
  • A cost effective, reliable and maintainable protected 4×4 platform
  • NATO STANAG Level 1 ballistic protection
  • Mine blast protection up to 7kg of TNT anywhere under the hull
  • Pneumatic-operated rear doors
  • Air-conditioned interior
  • C-130 transportability
  • Internal lighting
  • Shooting ports
  • External storage bins
  • Front grill ballistic protection
  • Crew of 2 plus 9