Night vision range / thermal imaging devices

Twiga supplies a wide range of night vision and thermal imaging devices suitable for military and police surveillance, observation, anti-poaching and counter-smuggling operations.

The range includes monocular and binocular units, which can be fitted onto a headset, helmet or hand-held.

The night vision range is robust and meets the demands of desert, jungle, offshore and vehicle operational requirements. Twiga also supplies the Thermoteknix range of thermal fusion devices. The thermal imaging devices are based on state of the art 50hz technology.

Night vision key features:

  • Handheld and on-head strap for hands-free operations
  • Lightweight, maximum weight of 680kg
  • Universally available ‘AA’ batteries
  • Momentary IR switch
  • Quick-release lever to permit one-handed attachment / detachment from helmet or headset
  • Flip-up / flip-down position
  • 32-64 line-pair (LP) resolution