ARS Meccanica Dolomiti manufactures a groundbreaking solution that enables the quick and safe connection of two slings, chains, rope ends or any other two objects in maritime applications.

Since its formation in 2012, the company has successfully marketed its first product in the field of hoisting technology. Quikky benefits from a unique combination of safety, speed and simplicity and has already won several innovation awards.

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The company has developed an innovative solution that enables the quick and easy connection of objects.
Quikky can be used for attaching critical gear to soldiers in the defence industry.
Key benefits of Quikky include the rapid and simple locking system, which helps to save time during military operations.
Quikky devices are constructed from the highest quality materials, ensuring longevity and reliability.
The versatile solution is suitable for a wide range of naval, civil and mechanical engineering applications.
Quikky effectively connects any two products with its unique design.
The tool can be used to attach appropriate gear to military vehicles on defence and rescue missions.
ARS Meccanica Dolomiti has already won several awards for its market-leading Quikky product line.

Quick-release fastener tools for safe and effective lifting

Quikky is used to connect two lifting straps (web slings) in order to hoist, transport or secure loads. The concept is simple yet offers an original solution for interconnecting two objects. The quick-release fastener tool is extremely safe, fast and easy-to-use, making it suitable for several application areas.

The rapid use of this tool is possible due to a new type of connection between the two parts by a fixed mounted bolt, which enables a fast opening and closing procedure with a simple turn of the handle. One of the key benefits of this process is that there is no need to remove individual parts such as screws and nuts. Larger versions of the Quikky are made of high-resistant composite steel, while the smaller sizes are constructed from alternative materials such as aluminium and plastic to save on production costs and weight.

Efficient and rapid locking systems

The strength of Quikky’s system lies in the safe and fast locking system that helps to save time, especially in operations involving repeated hooking and unhooking. In addition, the security aspect of the system can prevent workplace accidents so less time is spent in dangerous areas.

Quikky is one of the fastest tools available on the market and its ability to connect items with a simple twist makes it extremely practical and ideal for military environments. The light, elegant lifting tool is suitable for tough heavy lifting applications.

Innovative installation solutions for defence applications

Quikky facilitates the rapid installation of connections for movable bridges and the removal of tactical and raised platforms. The tool also enables maintenance capabilities in the absence of workshops and garages.

The versatility of Quikky means it is just as effective when attached to a defence vehicle. Soldiers can attach any necessary gear onto the tool, which includes weapons, ropes or spare parts. The vehicle would become more modular and could be adapted more easily to specific situations.

Market-leading connection tools for naval, mechanical and civil engineering
Quikky’s rapidly removable connection is designed to be suitable for use on superstructures and equipment of large size and weight, as well as lifting systems with matching belts, ropes and chains.

The tool is ideal for assembling and/or removing accessories, in addition to equipment requiring a robust, reliable and safe connection. It can be used for connecting elements of machinery components requiring maintenance and as an anchoring element for lifting, logistics and transport purposes.

In the civil engineering industry, Quikky can also be used on large facades as it is easily removable for maintenance and to enable access inside buildings. The tool is also suitable for panelling and temporary fencing, guaranteeing a quick installation and removal.

Other applications for Quikky include the safe coupling of beams when assembling and disassembling sheds and tents, as well as for scaffoldings and itinerant constructions such as amusement parks and concert stages.