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Lead-Free Frangible Projectiles Supplier for Training Ammunition

Ecomass Technologies is a leading US manufacturer and supplier of lead-free polymer based frangible projectiles for the military, law enforcement and civilian ammunition industries.

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Ecomass Technologies

Ecomass Technologies is a leading US manufacturer and supplier of lead-free polymer based frangible projectiles for the military, law enforcement and civilian ammunition industries.

Designed specifically for training purposes, Ecomass non-toxic frangible projectiles provide a safer alternative to standard ammunition.

The projectiles are particularly important for indoor firing ranges, as this completely eliminates any exposure to airborne lead and associated health risks.

Ecomass lead-free projectiles offer a safer alternative to standard lead rounds for use in training ammunition, by completely eliminating the potential for airborne lead and ricochet and their associated risks.
Ecomass 5.56mm frangible projectile for use in rifle training ammunition.
Ecomass 9mm frangible projectiles for use in handgun training ammunition.
Ecomass 300 blackout frangible projectiles for use in rifle training ammunition.
Ecomass 0.40 cal frangible projectiles for use in handgun training ammunition.
Ecomass 0.45 cal frangible projectiles for use in handgun training ammunition.
Ecomass compounds are also being utilised for defence and ammunition applications beyond handgun and rifle projectiles, such as 40mm DBR round casings, drive bands, and much more.
All Ecomass projectiles are produced from materials that we compound ourselves, giving us complete quality control of our projectiles, from raw materials to finished products.

Moreover, Ecomass projectiles are frangible and designed to powderise upon impact, thereby additionally eliminating any risk of ricochet.

Ecomass Compounds for handgun and rifle ammunition

Ecomass Compounds are currently being used to produce a wide range of calibres for both handgun and rifle ammunition. Recent design changes have enabled Ecomass handgun projectiles to be loaded and used both in standard handguns and submachine guns.

Ecomass Technologies presently compounds material and injection-moulds millions of projectiles each month for 5.56mm, 9mm, 300 Blackout, 0.40 and 0.45 calibres.

Our projectiles are produced into full-bodied designs with no need for jacketing, plating or any additional surface treatment, and can be loaded directly after injection-moulding, helping to control costs by eliminating the needs for any secondary operation.

Ecomass is constantly developing new component designs and configurations, and works with several different original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and ammunition makers to create, evaluate and test Ecomass Compounds for new defense applications.

Lead-free frangible projectile materials

Ecomass lead-free frangible projectiles are produced using a copper powder filled polyamide at 6 s.g. or 6 g/cc.

All materials used are pure, certified, completely non-toxic, lead-free, and restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) compliant.

Ecomass Compounds are produced in a highly controlled method with extremely tight density tolerances, using innovative twin-screw compounding equipment to ensure consistent performance.

They can be manufactured to a density ranging from 1 g/cc to 11 g/cc, but a 6 g/cc density offers the best cost-to-density ratio of materials in our product line, making them economically viable in the ammunition marketplace.

Controlled, consistent and repeatable production processes

While lighter than the standard lead round, ammunition produced with our projectiles can be loaded to provide a ballistic match to service or duty ammo at 25m for handguns, and at 100m for rifle ammunition. All ammunition produced with our projectiles function the weapons properly.

Ecomass takes considerable care throughout the production process, from the selection of raw materials to the compounding of materials and injection-moulding of parts.

This ensures the highest quality of our frangible projectiles and delivers consistent accuracy, function, reliability, frangibility and customer performance.

Injection-moulding production process

All Ecomass frangible projectiles are produced to form via an injection-moulding production process. Injection-moulding manufactures the production of plastic parts, which is particularly efficient for high-volume production jobs.

Typical dimensional tolerances for standard commercial injection-moulding applications are 0.005in, however, our projectiles are made to tolerances of 0.001in to maintain consistency in performance and accuracy of our projectiles across all production lots.

All of our production facilities are ISO 9001: 2008 certified, and we are continually improving and ensuring the nature of our products and quality control systems.

Projectiles for ammunition and militaries worldwide

Ecomass projectiles are sold to ammunition manufacturers, law enforcement agencies, police forces and militaries worldwide. Ecomass is fully international traffic in arms regulations (ITAR) registered and compliant.

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for Ecomass projectiles is 50,000pcs, however, we can mix and match calibre to order.

The lead time is typically between four and six weeks from receipt of order, though we can accept blanket POs to meet any release schedule and demand requirements.

About Ecomass

As a custom compounder, Ecomass Technologies is a materials solution provider and specialises in the production of high-density composite materials by combining metal powders and polymers to produce high density, injection-mouldable thermoplastics.

Referred to as densified plastics or high gravity compounds (HGCs), Ecomass Compounds have been utilised in a number of different defense articles as non-toxic alternatives to lead and other metals, such as 40mm door breaching rounds, inertial ballasts, drive bands, and more.

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Ecomass Technologies
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Texas 78746
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