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High-Quality Civilian Drones for Military Land Surveillance

SmartPlanes offers a range of innovative drones for aerial mapping, surveying, remote sensing and surveillance that deliver efficient and safe results.

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SmartPlanes offers a range of innovative drones for aerial mapping, surveying, remote sensing and surveillance that deliver efficient and safe results.

Micro-class drone systems for telemetry frequencies and military surveillance

SmartPlanes Freya is a micro-class unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) weighing approximately 1.3kg, which supports several different telemetry frequencies. It is designed for challenging environments and applications.

The importance of a micro-class drone is that it complies with most of the regulatory demands existing globally, as it is often the only type of aircraft allowed to be flown over populated areas and without regular pilot licences.

Micro-class drones comply with the majority of existing global regulatory demands.
The unmanned aerial system (UAV) is a one-man deployment system able to be transported in an ABS plastic backpack container.
Skyline software systems PhotoMesh software provides 3D models with a high amount of detail during the reconstruction process.
Micro-class drones can mainly be used for military land surveying and intelligence gathering.
The SmartPlanes system offers a variety of sensors for military applications.

From a military perspective, the plane can be used for military land surveying and intelligence gathering.

With regards to military land surveying, SmartPlanes mostly considers the corps of engineers’ type of activities, for example, road construction, bridges, dams and wildfires and floods.

PhotoMesh software for 3D model reconstruction

PhotoMesh software from our partner Skyline Software Systems enables 3D models to have a high level of detail during reconstruction.

PhotoMesh has state-of-the-art tiling mechanisms for both aero-triangulation and 3D reconstruction, allowing distributed processing either over multiple machines, servers, or even in the air. This decreases processing time, resulting in faster turnaround times for projects.

Unmanned aerial system for military applications

The Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) is a one-man deployment system and can be carried in an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic backpack container in the field.

Key features include:

  • Durable: strong build with Lexan fuselage and heat-laminated composite on top of EPP foam wings
  • Adverse weather capability: able to perform in hot and cold weather, in light rain or snowfall, and in 13m/s winds
  • Autonomy: hand launch and auto skid landing; once launched it can perform its mission without telemetry if required, going far beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS)
  • Endurance: up to one-hour 40 minutes flight time

The SmartPlanes’ system comes with a range of available sensors, in particular for military purposes:

  • APS-C sensor RGB camera
  • Thermal sensor, FLIR VUE / TAU (where TAU is a calibrated version)
  • Live video telemetry link (prototype with directional antenna and significant telemetry range)

SmartPlanes offers optional colour schemes, with larger purchase orders.

Fixed wing micro-class drone for adverse environments

The SmartPlanes fixed wing micro-class drone has a number of advantages over a multi-rotor, micro-class drone, including:

  • Productivity / better endurance: covers more area and flies further with less energy consumption, making it ideal for larger area surveying missions and corridor mapping
  • Safety / less impact energy: at full speed will impact generate less than 150J due to a very low weight and has a blunt, shock-absorbing structure
  • Resilience: less moving parts and compact build decreases risk of critical damage
  • Stability: less vibration and adverse weather resistance to wind and precipitation

About SmartPlanes

SmartPlanes is a Swedish-based company that was established in 2005 from the Remote Sensing Laboratory at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umeå.

SmartPlanes was created to efficiently map crops, mining sites, quarries, forests and construction sites and as a result, produces precise, reliable and safe drones.

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