Oskar Pedersen - Army Technology
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Oskar Pedersen

Military Solutions for Operative Environments

Oskar Pedersen AS (OP) provides military solutions to operative environments.

P.O 9237,
4697 Kristiansand,

Oskar Pedersen AS (OP) provides military solutions to operative environments. Our product range spreads from logistics such as our ‘Peli cases’ and ‘Zarges boxes’ to rapid deployable field and military equipment and as personal gear and garments.

Tactical solutions for army and police authorities

Additionally we offer sophisticated tactical solutions and programmess to army and police authorities and to those who conduct rescue, safety and security operations.

Aluminium cases for the safe transportation of high-value items

As an experienced manufacturer of aluminium cases, we provide different sizes and qualities to a number of armies, NGOs and industrial companies. These boxes are commonly known as Zarges boxes.

These aluminium cases are designed to store and protect various delicate, sensitive and high-value contents and for safe transportation in harsh conditions.

We have the experience and references to reassure any customer of quality, and offer our products at prices that are highly competitive with other brands.

Military field equipment

With our partners and sub-suppliers, we provide military field equipment such as sleeping bags, field beds, battle dress uniforms and other personal equipment.

Sleeping bags, gloves and battle dress uniforms

Our long list of references includes ongoing contracts with the Swedish military, Swedish police and the Norwegian army.

Some of our recent contracts include:

  • Delivering the new light weight Gore-Tex camo uniforms to the Swedish army
  • Providing an entire range of sleeping bags to the Norwegian army
  • Delivering all gloves and mittens to the Swedish police

Established in 1925, Oskar Pedersen AS is one of the oldest defense agencies in Norway. Our company began as a provider of equipment to ships sailing in the rough seas and along the tough climatic coast of Norway.

Our experience is based on supplying equipment of the highest quality to the most demanding environments and customers. Over the years OP has become a preferred provider of operative solutions making a safer and better day for our clients.

Oskar Pedersen AS

P.O 9237

4697 Kristiansand