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Panzer Technologies manufactures a wide range armoured vehicles and vehicle conversion kits for the military, law enforcement, government and security industries. Our vehicles and conversion kits are designed with a view to providing maximum protection against the threats found on the modern battlefield, namely improvised explosive devices (IEDs), mines and sustained small-arms fire.

Our range of armoured vehicles includes:

  • Casspir multirole vehicles
  • Panzer KF Series wheeled light armoured vehicles 
  • KK02 remotely-fired vehicle weapon
  • Mamba APC / CIT vehicle

Multirole light armoured vehicles

The Casspir family is a range of multirole light armoured vehicles ideal for reconnaissance and troop transportation in demanding or hostile environments. The vehicles feature a high degree of commonality and inter-exchangeability of components. Cassmir vehicles are fully protected against sustained small-arms fire and fragmentation, as well as featuring add-on protection against landmines, making them the ideal mine-resistant and ambush-protected solution. Integration with a number of EOD systems make it an ideal solution for mine clearance duties, or for safely scouting areas where a high probability of IEDs or mines is suspected.

Wheeled light armoured vehicles

The KF family of wheeled light armoured vehicles combine carrying capacity and flexibility with a high degree of protection. Fast, light and protected against a range of threat, the KF family can be used for a diverse number of duties, such as light reconnaissance, mobile communications and casualty evacuation.

Remotely-fired vehicle-mounted weapon system

The Panzer KK02 remotely-fired weapon system allows a vehicle gunner to operate a weapon system from inside the vehicle, removing the risks involved with manning a more traditional pintle-mounted weapon.  The KK02 is a light-weight system capable of accommodating a variety of weapons without the need for specialized maintenance personnel, ranging from 5.56mm to 20mm callibres. A variety of sighting systems can be fitted to the system ranging from a basic system (only practical in vehicles with adequate view through the windows) to advanced fiber-optic systems. In all cases the systems are non-electronic but have the capability of accommodating standard-issue night vision and thermal vision equipment.

APC and CIT vehicles

Panzer’s Mamba can be used as either an APC or CIT vehicle. It features a monocoque welded steel hull that can accommodate up to eleven occupants. The vehicle is fully protected against the most common small-arms found in the modern day insurgent’s arsenal, including 7.62mm ball ammunition, IEDs and landmines, and shrapnel or incendiary grenades.

Volat MZKT-490100 Light Armoured Vehicle

Volat MZKT-490100 light armoured vehicle is designed and built by Volat (OJSC Minsk Wheeled Tractor Plant) to support the missions of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus.

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