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Safe Munitions Disposal, Explosion Containment Vessels and Explosives Storage

JAKUSZ designs, implements and manufactures devices and technologies protecting from detonation for military and law enforcement institutions.

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JAKUSZ designs, implements and manufactures devices and technologies protecting from detonation for military and law enforcement institutions.

All products have been tested and certified by military institutes or other internationally recognised bodies. Every product is specifically designed to meet the customer requirements and our regional partner network enables us to offer after-sales support worldwide.

We are accredited by a number of entities such as International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO), Nato and Allied Quality Assurance Publications (AQAP).

Blast-proof containment vessels for isolation and transport of hazardous items

We offer a wide range of blast-proof containment solutions for hazardous products such as dynamite, ammunition and projectile fragments.

ANDROMEDA Detonation Chamber
The PAULA gastight blastproof container is resistant to 5kg of TNT equivalent.
The EVA gastight blastproof container is resistant to 8kg of TNT equivalent.
Armoured container depot for explosive storage.
The EVA 1 gastight blastproof container is resistant to 5kg of TNT equivalent and 100 projectile detonation on the truck.
The VERA ventilated blastproof container is resistant to 5kg of TNT equivalent.
The VICTORIA ventilated blastproof container is resistant to 10kg of TNT equivalent and 152mm projectile detonation.
The AGATA gastight blastproof container is resistant to 500g of TNT equivalent.

Our explosion-resistant vessels are used to isolate and protect users from unexploded ordnance (UXO) and misfired ammunition, as well as suspected luggage at airports.

We also supply gastight containers with additional armour.

Armoured containers and constructions

Our armoured containers are resistant to the internal detonation of 50kg TNT equivalent, making them suitable for storing explosives, weapon and ammunition.

They are designed to comply with specific national regulations and can be customised for sea and air transport applications.

Our range of armoured constructions includes ballistic walls, shooting ranges within containers, and armoured checkpoints.

Technologies and devices for industrial ammunition disposal

JAKUSZ offers mobile, safe, user and environment-friendly installations for ammunition disassembling, incineration and recycling applications.

Our technologies include small arms and medium-calibre ammunition incinerators, removing initiators, pull-apart machines, TNT and propellants removal, as well as white phosphorus (WP), red phosphorus (RP) and ammunition disposal.

We also provide treatments for special ammunition, rockets and mines; as well as manufacture civilian explosives, detonators and boosters from recycled materials.

Shielded chambers

Our shielded chambers protect computer systems from electromagnetic eavesdropping and acoustic interception.

Designed to safeguard classified or sensitive information, the chambers are equipped with all necessary installations and features such as media, air-conditioning, fire-suppressing systems, electricity and interior design.

HTP and HTPB production services

Our daughter company JAKUSZ Spacetech offers materials and complete facilities for the production of high-test peroxide (HTP) and hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB), including training and technology transfer services.

Previous projects

JAKUSZ has deployed more than 50 armoured depot containers and over 120 blast-proof containers on UXO transport trailers and vehicles for police forces and military units.

We have also offered different technologies and complete lines for ammunition disposal and recycling, including WP removal, detonation chambers, and missiles and mines removal.

One of our recent projects saw our collaboration with WISS, which saw the delivery of six MAN trucks with gastight blast-proof containers installed on the chassis for the Polish Police. The construction is resistant to 5kg detonation and additionally equipped with armour-resistant to the heavy 100mm projectile fragments.

White Papers

  • JAKUSZ Company Overview

    JAKUSZ company was established in 1985, but its tradition dates back to the 1940s, when the father of the owner began producing safes.


  • Jakusz Company Video

    Jakusz discuss its munitions disposal, explosion containment vessels, and explosive storage solutions in its company video.

Press Releases

  • Adsol and Jakusz Collaborate at Black Sea Defence and Aerospace Exhibition

    The seventh edition of Black Sea Defence and Aerospace Exhibition was held in Bucharest on 16-18 May 2018. Representatives of Romanian’s company Adsol, on the bases of many years of cooperation, joined forces together with Jakusz and presented (among others) Jakusz‘s products designed for protection against explosion, mainly explosion containment vessels designed for army, police and airport security services.

  • JAKUSZ Presents New Blastproof Containment Vessel

    On 20 February at Police Headquarters in Warsaw, representatives of Jakusz, together with our partner Wawrzaszek ISS from Bielska Biała, participated in handing over the first out of six special vehicles designed for safe transport of hazardous items such as potential terrorist charges and IED’s.

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