The Micro Systems Technologies (MST) Group provides advanced solutions for microelectronics manufacturing, including high-performance / high-reliability printed circuit boards (PCBs), liquid crystal polymers (LCP) and ceramic substrates, as well as advanced assembly technologies.

Microelectronics solutions for the aerospace industry

Based on its comprehensive knowledge and experience in challenging industries such as active implants, MST delivers services that meet the demanding performance and reliability requirements of the aerospace electronics sector.

MST provides highly reliable solutions with miniaturisation capabilities and 100% traceability.

MST subsidiary DYCONEX has a well-established history in aerospace and defence applications. It offers a comprehensive collection of materials and processes for the most advanced requirements in radar, communication, and other airborne control applications.

Based on its Center of Competence for reliability, systematic methodologies have been developed to gather solid evidence regarding product and process reliability. DYCONEX is EN 9100, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.

Modules for medical and aircraft electronics

Micro Systems Engineering (MSE), which is another affiliate of the MST Group, was founded in 1984 as a supplier of electronic modules for active medical implants, and is now an important partner and specialist for the international electronics industry.

The company is located in Berg, Germany, and offers complex low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) substrates along with advanced assembly and semiconductor packaging processes.

The company applies its expertise to every sector where high reliability, miniaturisation, intense temperatures, high frequencies or hermetic encapsulation play a crucial role.

Featuring LTCC technology and a comprehensive process portfolio, MSE supports many applications in the aerospace, microwave and radio frequency (RF) industry. MSE is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.

Advanced rigid substrates for high-frequency applications

DYCONEX is based in Bassersdorf, Switzerland, and develops highly complex, flexible, rigid-flex and rigid ultra-high-density interconnect (UHDI) / microvia printed circuit boards, as well as LCP and chip packaging substrates.

DYCONEX features an innovative rigid multilayer material, allowing ultra-thin build-ups for various high-frequency (HF) applications such as chip packaging. The material offers low dielectric properties combined with low coefficient thermal expansion (CTE) and high-dielectric strength.

Using any-layer technology, the layers of the substrates are connected using laser-drilled, copper-filled microvias, allowing for very reliable high-density designs. Further HDI build-up solutions are also available.

LCP substrates for HF and microwave applications

DYCONEX offers complex LCP substrates, which are an advanced organic multilayer solution for RF applications with stable electrical and mechanical characteristics across a range of frequencies up to 100GHz.

LCP’s properties remain consistent regardless of the presence of moisture due to its very low water absorption, allowing it to be used in near-hermetic packages. It is directly bondable to a variety of materials to control CTE and also offers wire-bondable cavity ledges to access inner layers.

Additional design features include air bridges, antenna structures, hollow waveguides, embedded components, thermal vias, and heat sinks.

LTCC for HF low-loss, sensor packages and multi-chip modules

MSE manufactures LTCC, which offers excellent RF and microwave performance characteristics.

Its low sintering temperature of approximately 900°C allows co-firing with highly conductive metals such as silver and gold.

The first-rate mechanical and electrical properties of LTCC substrates, combined with the ability to embed passive components, offer superior RF performance and device miniaturisation for HF applications.

Interconnect solutions for optimal thermal management

DYCONEX delivers wrap-around technology, which enables designers to separate electrical and mechanical functions.

The company also provides back metal sheets, cores, and CIC build-ups for optimal thermal management of electronic modules.

Comprehensive advanced assembly technologies

The MSE site in Germany offers a complete range of advanced assembly solutions for demanding customer requirements.

Surface mount technology (SMT) and chip and wire technologies are available for the assembly of SMD, ball grid array (BGA), land grid array (LGA), chip scale packages (CSP), flip chip or bare die components on ceramic and organic substrates.

Various die attach technologies such as gluing by epoxy printing / dispensing, pre-forms, and stamping are provided, as well as soldering by solder printing, dispensing and pre-forms.

High-precision die bonders can pick from wafers, waffle or gel packs.

Wire bonding comprises ultrasonic binding for Al thin wires, thermosonic wedge bonding for Au thin and Au cold wires, as well as thermosonic ball / wedge bonding for Au thin wires.

Die protection / encapsulation solutions comprise of glop top (temperature or UV curing), underfill, junction coating, transfer molding and soldering, or gluing for covers and lids.