MARS Armor provides high-quality individual ballistic and stab protection equipment for a wide range of applications. Our portfolio includes bulletproof vests, ballistic shields, plates, helmets and personal VIP protection solutions.

We use a wide variety of high-quality ballistic materials, including woven aramides, unidirectional high-performance polyethylenes, glass fibres, ceramics, steel and hybrid fabrics. MARS Armor also offers customisable ballistic solutions designed to meet specific tactical requirements, as well as combined integrated ballistic protection systems.

Personal ballistic protection for adverse military environments

MARS Armor produces a wide range of protective gears, such as body armour vests designed for various different applications, ranging from covert and civilian to military and law enforcement. Products are adaptable for use in specific conditions, such as water-resistance and flotation, including ballistic helmets, shields, hard armour plates and demining suits.

Covert lightweight ballistic vests for concealable protection

MARS Armor utilises high-quality materials to create concealable lightweight vests to provide front and back protection up to National Institute of Justice (NIJ) level IIIA or III when combined with a hard armour plate, or as specified by customer’s requirements.

MARS Armor has considerable experience in the defence industry, particularly armour trade.
MARS Armor's complete testing process and quality assurance with our fully equipped ballistic laboratory ensures the reliability of our ballistic solutions.
MARS Armor combines innovative technology and software systems to conduct extensive research of the impact of high and low-speed bullets on different materials.
MARS Armor lightweight ballistic vests provide all-over concealable protection.
MARS Armor body armour vests are designed to be water-resistant.
MARS Amor is a supplier of lightweight vest models with front, back and side protection up to level IIIA and III or IV in combination with hard armour plates, or according to customer specifications.
The diplomat covert vest provides discreet front and back protection, and is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
The MARS Armor tactical vest is applicable to police and law enforcement units and offers front, back and side protection, with the overlapping side providing full torso coverage.
The MARS Armor ballistic shield offers comfortable front protection, featuring innovative materials and technology, along with a lightweight design for high-mobility.
The MARS Armor Ultra-Light Molle Vest Model 75 offers all-over protection for military units, and includes a one-piece design for full torso coverage.

The vests are designed for users to wear comfortably under clothes. These protective capabilities, combined with low weight, a high degree of comfort and flexibility, make the MARS Armor vest ideal for concealable protection.

Military and tactical vests and body armour

MARS Armor produces various designs for military and tactical use, and again we aim to offer lightweight and highly reliable body armour.

We provide lightweight vest models with front, back and side protection up to level IIIA and III or IV when combined with hard armour plates, or customer specifications. A number of the models have extremely extended protective areas.

Ballistic shields, briefcases and helmets for army troop protection

MARS Armor manufactures ballistic shields that provide reliable front protection for law enforcement and army troops.

Our range features various shield sizes and weights, from small hand-carried shields to larger trolley shields. The protection levels can be customised up to IIIA; IIIA+; III; III+ and IV according to standard NIJ 0108.01 and above or according to custom specifications.

MARS Armor produces foldable and compact bulletproof briefcases with protection levels up to IIIA; IIIA+; III; III+ according to standard NIJ 0108.01. The low profile outlook and compact size makes it easy to carry and transport, and its fast and easy unfolding capabalities make it a very practical portable shield for VIP security.

MARS Armor expands the product range with a series of protective ballistic helmet models designed for high-resistance, comfort and excellent shock absorption. Additionally, we provide high-protection demining helmets and visors with various V50 levels of ballistic resistance, using durable high-quality materials.

About MARS Armor

Bulgarian-based MARS Armor utilises state-of-the-art technology and software systems to perform an extensive research of the impact of high and low-speed bullets on different materials, as well as analyse the data to provide reliable, cost-effective, lightweight means of individual ballistic protection.

We take pride in our thorough testing process and quality assurance using our fully equipped ballistic laboratory, which ensures the reliability of our ballistic solutions.

For the development, production and testing of materials and products, MARS Armor utilises an integrated operating and certified management system that matches the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system; AQAP 2110 – nato requirements for quality assurance of design, development and production and ISO 14001: 2004 environment management systems.

Many of the produced gear for individual ballistic protection have obtained a nato Stock Number (NSN). Over the years, we have gained the trust and respect of our clients, including those in Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim.

MARS Armor has accumulated vast experience in the international defence industry, specifically armour trade, and is well-versed in the regulations concerning armour exportation.