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Will-Burt Company

Mobile Telescopic Tower Solutions for Military Applications

169 S. Main St.,
44667 Ohio,
United States of America

169 S. Main St.,
44667 Ohio,
United States of America

The Will-Burt Company has been a manufacturer of mobile telescoping masts and towers for more than 40 years.

The company offers an extensive range of payload elevation and integration solutions from Will-Burt, GEROH and integrated tower solutions (ITS) for military, fire, cellular, broadcast and entertainment.

Masts, towers and positioners for defence departments

Will-Burt’s extensive telescopic tower range covers pneumatic masts, cable-driven masts, mechanical masts, spindle drive masts, telescoping lattice towers, pan and tilt positioners and other accessories.

Will-Burt also manufactures a full range of portable tri-pod and field masts. Many offerings are MIL-STD 810 qualified and used by worldwide defence departments.

The company offers full platform integration services along with metal fabrication, powder coating and contract manufacturing backed by ISO 9001 : 2008 certified quality and ISO 14001 : 2004 environmental management systems.

Carbon-fibre, electro-mechanical telescopic masts

The revolutionary Will-Burt Stiletto carbon-fibre composite, electro-mechanical mast features the best combination of high strength, low weight and great stability in the industry.

Stiletto is the lightweight, compact mobile solution for applications requiring rapid automatic deployment, maximum reliability and high-directional pointing accuracy. Stiletto HD is available for enhanced precision and payload capability. It also provides transportable capabilities and is MIL-STD 810F qualified.

The Stiletto AL delivers an extremely stable and compact elevation platform for sensors and antennas that require a high degree of pointing accuracy. This high-strength, alloy electromechanical telescoping mast with patent-pending automatic locks safely deploys payloads at any height.

The Stiletto AL is a cost-effective elevation platform designed to meet stringent programme requirements.

Pneumatic non-locking masts for communications

Will-Burt’s range of low-maintenance, oil-less air compressor systems, are designed for optimal performance and used with the Will-Burt telescoping masts.

The company’s locking pneumatic masts are ideal for military communications, mobile radar applications and elevated testing.

When a mast deployment is required for longer periods, the mast remains extended without air pressure due to the locking collars.

Guying is also available on vehicle mounted, heavy-duty (HDL) locking models of up to 60ft (18m), as well as heavy-duty, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) models. Super (SHDL) and ultra heavy-duty locking (UHDL) models include larger payload capacities and greater unguyed heights.

Telescopic cable-drive masts for military environments

The KVR and KVL telescopic cable-drive mast systems are used within military and commercial-based environments, including lighting, surveillance and communications testing, and are designed for field, shelter, trailer and vehicle deployment.

Both mast sections comprise close tolerance, precision mast profiles that guarantee precise pointing accuracy, as well as retraction and safe deployment in adverse environments.

Spindle drive masts for surveillance operations

International forces such as the German Army employ telescopic spindle masts for purposes such as target detection, reconnaissance, surveillance, security and communication within the battlefield.

Will-Burt spindle mast systems are produced for high-standard precision and heavy payloads. Environmental independent operation is also guaranteed with the spindle drive system.

The company’s masts are optimised for electronic warfare systems, monitoring and target recognition and optical / electronic intelligence.

Powered tilt system for stiletto and pneumatic masts

Will-Burt’s stiletto tilt system is suited to rapid deployment and nested height applications, and its efficient design allows for mast locking and rapid tilting.

The stiletto tilt’s low height matches C-130 transportability requirements and low-centre concealment or gravity of the mast payload. The system is also made suitable for installation with a range of mission-configured vehicle platforms such as flat-bed transports, pick-up trucks and trailers.

AntennaMast aluminium tripod mast

The Will-Burt AM2 AntennaMast model is a portable, lightweight, rugged, aluminium tripod mast designed for rapid payload deployment. The AM2 is capable of raising multiple devices on an individual mast, and is highly flexible and reliable.

Users are able to lift and lower larger payloads in a secure way without disassembling the mast system by using the EZ Raze™ system and its safety brake and cable winching device. The mast tube lift winch supplies mechanical assistance for mast tube lifting for heavier payloads, and the mast tubes and payload can also be elevated by breach loading the tubes through the tripod centre collar.

Military Elevation Solutions and Tactical Trailers

The Will-Burt Company, along with its subsidiaries MAD, GEROH and ITS, offer a broad selection of mobile telescopic masts, lattice towers, pan and tilt positioners and accessories to elevate a variety of mission critical payloads.

Mobile Lighting Distributor Brochure

Safety is the number one requirement when answering a call and nighttime operations create an even bigger challenge. Night Scan light towers create a safer work environment by lighting the scene from above, like natural daylight. Safety is the number one requirement when answering a call and nighttime operations create an even bigger challenge. Night Scan light towers create a safer work environment by lighting the scene from above, like natural daylight.

The Will-Burt Company to Participate in IDEX 2021

The Will-Burt Company is attending the International Defense Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) located in Abu Dhabi, February 21-25, 2021. Participating in IDEX is an opportunity to present the strengths of our company and connect with government departments, businesses, and armed forces internationally.

The Will-Burt Company Appoints New Chief Executive Officer

The Board of Directors along with the Board of Trustees of The Will-Burt Company, a world-leader in the design, manufacture and sales of mobile elevation solutions, introduces Richard J Lewin as the company’s chief executive officer, president, and member of the Board of Directors, effective January 1, 2020. Mr Lewin succeeds retiring CEO Jeffry O Evans, who has led the company since 2002.

Will-Burt Launches Remote Locking System for Pneumatic Masts

Will-Burt’s patented Remote Locking System for pneumatic masts allows an operator to lock and unlock the mast from an assured distance. No manual interaction is required to raise or lower the mast. Operation of the system is intuitive, requiring less training and reducing the risk of operator error.

The Will-Burt Company Celebrates 100th Anniversary

31 January 1918 was the day Burton W. Cope signed the incorporation documents creating The Will-Burt Company in Orrville, Ohio. A company founded on hard work, integrity, creative thinking and a relentless drive to succeed.

The Will-Burt Company Introduced Stiletto® AL at Eurosatory 2016

The Will-Burt Company, the world's leading manufacturer of mobile elevation solutions, introduced the Stiletto® AL electro-mechanical telescoping mast at this year's Eurosatory exhibition between 13-17 June. The product's debut took place in Paris, France at the US pavilion stand D578.

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