SkyDoc Systems provides surveillance and communication solutions through its multi-purpose aerostat platform.

The SkyDoc aerostat offers a safe and stable aerial platform that is simple to operate and maintain. Our unique and innovative system is specially designed to provide situational awareness in a wide range of applications such as oil spill recovery, anti-poaching efforts and environmental change monitoring.

Multi-purpose launch and recovery systems for military applications

SkyDoc’s launch and recovery systems are multi-purpose, single or dual-axle trailers, which are capable of lifting payloads of up to 150lb (68kg). The systems include both horizontal and vertical winches for heavier and lighter payloads, respectively.

Our aerostat systems are capable of extended time aloft in remote areas, with limited personnel and without outside assistance. It can be either electric or hydraulically powered while the system’s tethers have EO/IR capability, as well as single or multi-mode fibre-optic strands.

SkyDoc develops robust and versatile aerostats suitable for use in military environments.
SkyDoc’s aerostat can perform in extreme environmental conditions, making it an ideal choice for military missions.
SkyDoc adheres to military standards to develop industry-leading surveillance and communication solutions.
SkyDoc’s aerostats are ideal for use in border security operations.
SkyDoc’s systems can be used in operations such as oil spill recovery, border control, and defence missions.
Our devices can also be used for stadium security.

SkyDoc’s Aerostat tethers consist of a Spectra grade or Dyneema strength member and can be made to meet specific client needs. All our tethers have a built-in 10% additional breaking strength as a safety precaution.

Robust and durable aerostats for use in extreme weather conditions

SkyDoc draws on more than 20 years of aerostat manufacturing experience to develop its robust, durable and highly reliable solutions that can withstand severe gale force winds and violent storm conditions.

While other aerostats typically fail in winds exceeding 40mph (64km/h) and most balloons and smaller blimps cannot fly in winds more than 30mph (48km/h), SkyDoc’s aerostat systems have been designed to stay aloft and have consistently outperformed similar solutions. Our aerostat has been tested in headwinds of 44mph (70km) and tunnel winds of up to 110mph (177km/h) without failure.

Military standard trailers for light and heavy payloads

All SkyDoc launch and recovery trailers are constructed to military specifications using high tinsel strength aluminium and feature attaching points for helicopter transport via sling or as internal cargo.

The single-axle trailer is built for smaller aerostats and lighter payloads such as surveillance cameras and communications equipment. Our large dual-axle trailers have added space for additional helium bottles and heavy payloads.

Stable aerial platform for wide area coverage

The SkyDoc Aerostat was specifically designed with a patented sail to keep the nose pointed into the wind and increase tether tension with wind speed when necessary. As a result, the Aerostat offers a stable aerial platform in wind speeds that would otherwise ground round balloons and blimps.

A major safety and security advantage of the Aerostat is its ability to be moved from one area to another while aloft and operational. This allows for wider area coverage and is particularly useful during defence missions to monitor moving targets.

Customisable aerostats to meet specific client requirements

The SkyDoc Aerostat can be manufactured in a variety of different colours and widths. The envelope can be 3m, 6m or 9m-thick, depending on the demands of the specific environment.

Control and handling lines are all attached and ready for use when unpacked. Whether your payload is for surveillance, communications, border protection, police work, or defence operations, we can supply the aerostat to fulfil your needs.