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Accurate Frequency and Timing Solutions in GNSS Denied Environments

AccuBeat is a leading provider of accurate frequency and timing solutions for the defence industry.

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AccuBeat is a leading provider of accurate frequency and timing solutions for the defence and Homeland Security (HLS) industries.

Based on rubidium atomic clock technology with optional GPS disciplining, AccuBeat’s products achieve some of the highest levels of accuracy and reliability on the market.

The company’s solutions utilise advanced technology designed to ensure optimal performance in harsh environmental conditions.

The company has worked with defence organisations across the world, including the Israel Defense Force (IDF) and US Air Force (USAF).
Accubeat is a leading supplier of timing solutions for military applications.
Accubeat’s NPT/PTP time servers are an ideal choice for demanding defence requirements.
Accubeat takes advantage of the latest technology to develop innovative, industry-leading timing solutions.

Customised timing products for military applications

AccuBeat provides commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS), fully customisible and ruggedised products. We work closely with customers to ensure our solutions meet the exact requirements of each project.

Our time and frequency centres are battle-proven in numerous tactical applications, including combat planes, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), transport aircraft, helicopters, and missile platforms.

High-accuracy timing products for defence requirements

AccuBeat’s product line consists of:

  • Rubidium Frequency Standards
  • Nano Atomic Clock (NAC1) – CSAC Compatible
  • GNSS Disciplined Rubidium / OCXO Time & Frequency Centers
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP) / Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Servers
  • Solutions for GPS-denied environments
  • Portable Calibration Case with Atomic Clock

Frequency solutions for GPS-denied battlefield environments

On the modern battlefield, platforms and systems are becoming increasingly reliant on GPS or other global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) for position, navigation and timing (PNT) information.

Satellite signals from GNSS units in space are known in the industry to be precariously weak and these signals can easily be blocked, jammed, or spoofed, resulting in bogus signals being delivered to the GNSS receiver. This can pose a serious threat on the battlefield.

AccuBeat has developed solutions that can detect and identify threats to the GPS (or GNSS), ensuring continuous and uninterrupted accurate timing and synchronisation, even in a GPS denied or threatened environment. AccuBeat’s solutions can protect Defense, HLS and critical infrastructures where other systems can’t.

Timing solutions to meet demanding military requirements

AccuBeat’s highly professional and experienced team of managers, PhDs, engineers and technicians provide on-time solutions for all customer requirements, applying years of know-how and experience to the development and manufacture of demanding and accurate Rubidium-based clocks.

Industry-leading products deployed by the USAF and IDF

AccuBeat has a long track record of working with military and governmental organisations across the world.

The company’s solutions are currently deployed by the US Air Force (USAF), Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Tier 1 Defense Integrators such as Raytheon, Rockwell Collins, Airbus, Boeing, Motorola, Rafael, IAI, ELTA, Elbit, Thales, Larsen & Tubro, and ECIL, Europe’s Project Galileo, the European Space Agency, Tier 1 Telecommunication companies, measurement device manufacturers, laboratories and scientific institutes, and many other high-importance and sensitive programmes.

White Papers

  • GPS-Disciplined Rubidium Clock

    The AR51A-07 unit is an industrial low profile GPS-Disciplined Rubidium Clock which offers an excellent stability and accuracy.

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