Alpi Aviation designs and manufactures high-quality unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), planes and helicopters from its base in Pordenone, Italy.

The company’s product range includes a wide variety of reliable, high-performance and streamlined aircraft for people of all abilities, including aerobatic pilots and aviation professionals.

Alpi has built a wealth of experience in the aviation industry since its formation in 1999 and has established a worldwide base of satisfied clients.

Fixed and rotary wing UAVs for critical missions

Alpi produces fixed and rotary wing micro and mini UAVs for intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance missions. These electric powered, man-portable, tactical aircraft come with very small integrated logistic support requirements and offer state-of-the-art performance. Alpi’s UAVs are designed in accordance with and certified by Nato STANAG military requirements.

Alpi’s Nato-certified UAVs are an ideal choice for critical surveillance and intelligence missions, boasting a vast array of valuable features and offering top-of-the-range performance.
Alpi’s outstanding level of expertise in UAVs makes the company’s products an obvious choice for military clients requiring high levels of safety and reliability.
The company’s range of UAVs come highly equipped with innovate features, including auto take-off and auto-landing capabilities.
Alpi’s specialist AARD department ensures all products meet the essential requirement of tactical missions, including industry-leading image stabilisation software.
Alpi’s AARD has several critical features including electro-optical and infrared capabilities, with tracking and multi-target acquisition features also available.
The company’s products all comply to ISO 9001:2015 guidelines and are certified by the Italian Military, ensuring the highest standard of build quality.
Alpi’s UAVs have a maximum range of 40km and can spend up to four hours at a time in the sky, making them an ideal choice for critical intelligence and reconnaissance missions.

With a take-off weight of below 10kg, a range of up to 40km, and an endurance of four hours, Alpi’s Micro and Mini UAVs are an ideal choice for tactical missions. The aircraft also feature an auto take-off by bungee launcher, auto-landing (belly and / or parachute), and a live HD video streaming facility.

Specialist engineering department for UAV development

Alpi Aviation has a specialist Alpi Aviation Research Division (AARD) engineering department, which develops micro and mini UAVs with Italian Military Certification. All Alpi operations also conform to ISO 9001:2015 international standards.

The AARD is equipped with various proprietary multi-sensor gimbals, including electro-optical (EO) of up to 30x optical zoom and infrared (IR) of up to 6x digital zoom. Also available on request are proprietary image stabilisation software and hardware, as well as multi-target acquisition and tracking features.

Planes and helicopters for all experience levels

Alpi Aviation is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of light aircraft manufactured using wood and carbon fibre, providing strength, longevity and extreme durability.

With 20 years of plane manufacturing experience, the company has a proven track record of meeting the requirements of clients with varying experience levels, from beginners to professional pilots. Alpi’s service is flexible and fast, ensuring long-term spare-part availability and services, as well as safe performance with a touch of Italian style.

Innovative aircraft designs for easy manoeuvrability

Alpi’s Pioneer Two-Seat Plane series features a new wooden / fibre low-wing construction, which allows the aircraft to maximise its performance potential. The entry-level Pioneer 200 class is highly appreciated in flight training schools due to its easy manoeuvrability and low maintenance cost.

The Pioneer 300 class is particularly popular with sport pilots because of its stability in low and high speeds. Also available is the Pioneer 330 Acro, a semi-aerobatic aircraft supplied as a kit for amateur construction.

The Pioneer 400 Four-Seat Airplane offers an excellent standard of performance while ensuring minimal fuel consumption and keeping maintenance costs low. This model is experiencing great success in several countries due to its reliable construction and comfortable flight experience. All Pioneer models can be customised with options such as VFR-IFR panels and glass-cockpits, turbocharged and fuel injected engines, as well as parachute safety systems.

Durable gas turbine helicopters for flight schools

Alpi’s SYTON AH-130 is a two seater gas-turbine helicopter that has been in production since 2008. This model is built with a steel frame and features a carbon fibre closed cabin.

It is popular with flight schools due to its impressive stability and ability to reach altitudes that piston engine helicopters cannot. The SYTON AH-130 has a three-hour flight capability and can operate with a payload of up to 300kg.