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For over two decades, Clifton Steel has been a integral supplier of aluminum and steel armor plate to Government facilities, vehicle manufacturers, fabrications and machine shops, and for commercial vehicle and facility protection. Unlike most suppliers in this business, heat treated armor plate has been, and continues to be, a core product to Clifton Steel. This provides us with the knowledge and expertise to understand our customer’s requirements.

Our customers can count on the continued high quality of product being supplied for their needs with each and every order through our internal quality program. Certification, which is as important as the material, will be correct the first time and supplied with the material or e-mailed directly to the customer to assure the paperwork gets to the proper personnel.

Our product line for armor plate consists of the following products:

Steel armor

  • Mil A 12560 Class 1 Rev H Amd 3 .25 through 6in in thickness
  • Mil A 12560 Class 2 Rev H Amd 3 .25 through 1.25in in thickness
  • Mil A 12560 Class 3 Rev H Amd 3 2 through 6in in thickness
  • Mil A 46100 Rev D or E Amd 1 .110 up to 2in in thickness
  • Mil DTL 46177 Rev D .140 through .188 thickness

Aluminum armor

  • Mil DTL 46027 Rev J .25 through 3in in thickness
  • Mil DTL 46063 Rev H .25 through 3in in thickness
  • 5083 H32 .25 through 4in in thickness

Clifton Steel strives to continuously improve the products and services offered to our customers. We now produce our own armor plate through state-of-the-art heat treat lines to produce quench and tempered armor plate. These lines allow for improved control of product, quicker response time to our customers, and the ability to offer special sizes that can reduce our customers’ overall cost of manufacturing.

Clifton Steel’s armored plate is fully DOD-approved.
We can supply large or small quantities of armored steel plate bespoke to a customer’s requirements.
Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to provide the best quality steel plate in the industry, bar none.

Armor plate production

Our in-house armor plate production provides plates up to 1/2in in thickness in various widths and lengths. The addition of our heat treat lines further enhances the variety of processing, which include plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting for supplying precut components or kits. Further processing such as machining, fabricating, forming, blasting, painting and assembly can also be offered for our customers who wish to receive components ready for installation.

From the first contact of Clifton Steel you will notice a different type of company than you normally would expect. The ultimate goal we strive to provide is meeting delivery needs and providing total lower cost by understanding our customers’ needs. We may ask more questions, but that is because we want to fully understand and complement our capabilities with the needs of our customers. Our capacity to supply large stock plates to finished, ready to assemble parts provides maximum flexibility to our customers in complementing their needs and delivery requirements. Our knowledge of product also provides the assurance that our customers will receive exactly what is needed to meet the specifications required.

If you need not only a supplier of armor plate but a resource for providing total lower cost contact Clifton Steel.

White Papers

  • Clifton Steel: Dependable Armor Plate Fabrication Specialists

    For more than two decades, Clifton Steel has served as an integral supplier of aluminum and steel armor plate to US Government facilities, vehicle manufacturers, fabricators, machine shops as well as commercial vehicle and facility protection systems.

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