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Shooting Ranges, Firearms Training Facilities, Public Order Training Units and Ballistic Forensic Facilities

19 Peel Street, Marsden, West Yorkshire, Huddersfield, HD7 6BW,Other, United Kingdom

19 Peel Street, Marsden, West Yorkshire, Huddersfield, HD7 6BW,Other, United Kingdom

Energy Containment Concepts (ECC) has over 50 years combined experience in the design and construction of firearms training facilities, public order training units, ballistic forensic facilities and live-fire shoot houses. We are an established company, unrivalled in our range of specialist knowledge and products.

ECC have established a thriving relationship with the police authorities throughout the UK and hold extensive contracts with US forces throughout the world. In addition to specialising in design and construction of new facilities, ECC offers refurbishment of existing ranges and a complete range maintenance service, thus providing each client with the most cost-effective and convenient means of dealing with all their requirements.

Shooting ranges and public order facilities

ECC design and build ranges and shoot houses CQB to encompass a variety of customer needs. The necessity for cleaner, environmentally friendly ranges is addressed by way of the reclining Grantrap. The Grantrap is constructed with a steel chassis which is overlaid with a rubber composite known as GranTex. The key advantage of using GranTex is that the majority of bullets are captured intact, therefore minimising lead pollution often associated with ranges. Regular re-cycling of the GranTex ensures there is very little contaminated material produced thus eliminating the requirement for landfill disposal.

The ECC Grantrap can be installed as a direct replacement for a sand trap and as it is manufactured with a galvanised chassis, will offer many years of trouble free service.

Public order training unit

The ECC public order training facility can be designed to accommodate a variety of customer requirements. Previous assignments have incorporated the following mock facilities:

  • Arrangements of roads, crossroads, cul-de-sacs etc.
  • Pubs/clubs with realistic sound, lighting and smoke effects
  • Custody units with cells, charge desk and gated areas
  • Corridor units constructed as an arrangement of rooms and corridors with a high level walkway and a gantry for viewing and monitoring the training
  • EMOE MOE rigs, petrol awareness facility
  • Abseil/repel towers

Ballistic forensic facilities

The National Ballistics Intelligence Services is the first of several forensic examination facilities to be designed and built by the ECC team. The facility combines state of the art forensic laboratories and offices with ballistic recovery equipment manufactured and supplied by ourselves. The external appearance of the building has been sympathetically designed so as not to cause a negative impact on its surroundings. ECC also offer a portable test facility which is a complete self-contained, portable live fire shoot facility. The main body of the unit is a standard container which can be modified to suit a variety of uses including; forensic ballistic test facility, firearms judgemental training simulator or live fire training range using a target retrieval system.

Military facility servicing and maintenance contracts

In addition to designing, building and refurbishing ranges worldwide, the ECC team also offer a complete service and maintenance programme, to include cleaning and de-leading. This will facilitate a smooth running operation.

ECC are fully conversant with all the current regulations in relation to HSE and JSP403 to include ventilation, soundproofing as well as all ballistic requirements. ECC hold both an RFD as well as a Section "V" license.

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