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Military Camp Site Planning, Construction, Operation and Supply

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Field Camp Services (FCS) has been established as a system integrator for services and goods produced / provided by its shareholders, associate partners and, when required, by selected subcontractors. It is our foremost objective to serve military customers, governments and industry partners as well as aid organisations whenever they require services in connection with operations in the field.

Field camp operations for the defence industry

FCS is able to comprehensively provide material and services pertaining to field camp operations. We deliver materials and goods, and can set up, operate and manage camps for you. We have established all necessary competences in-house in order to avoid dependency on unrelated subcontractors. This has led to a structure including our shareholders and associate partners, whereby associate partners are linked to FCS by binding cooperation agreements.

FCS represents the combined competence and capabilities of its parent companies. FCS is a subsidiary of the following German corporations: Losberger, ADCO International, Liesenfeld International, and TBSG Versorgung + Logistik.

FCS deploys staff with working and living conditions that support their tasks, wherever they are. We want to reduce the hardships of operative deployments for the individual as far as possible and feasible in order to support readiness and ability. Naturally, the customer’s specifications are the prevailing factors for our services. Our services may be contracted as a whole or in individual segments.

FCS delivers materials and goods to military camps, and can set up, operate and manage camps for you.
FCS provides a range of housing camp management services, including camp administration, landscaping and temporary housing.
FCS's camp logistics services include logistics solutions and project planning.
FCS offers a personnel protection service and camp site security.

Planning and preparations for military camp sites

FCS provides planning and preparations for field camp sites. This includes planning, development and preparations, reconnaissance and site surveys, and provisioning.

Housing camp management services

FCS provides a range of housing camp management services, including:

  • Camp administration
  • Accommodation management
  • Facility management and maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Tents, halls and containers
  • Temporary housing
  • Semi-permanent buildings
  • Modular construction
  • Upgrading and expansions    

Field camp logistics for the defence industry

FCS’s camp logistics services include:

  • Logistics solutions and project planning
  • Supply chain management
  • Transport solutions, including charters
  • Spare parts logistics
  • Fuel procurement and supply

Food and water supply for defence camp sites

FCS provides the procurement, supply, storage of food, as well as catering services. The company also supplies potable water production and bottling, water supply, and treatment and recovery.

FCS can also supply personal-use products, sports and entertainment, anti-stress treatments and personal care.

Waste management for defence sites

FCS offers waste management services for defence camp sites. This includes waste collection, separation and disposal, and commissary articles.

Camp site security and safety

FCS offers a personnel protection service, camp site security, dog handlers, explosive-detection dogs, training, IED, EOD, EOR, fire prevention, IDS and CCTV.

Communication services at military camp sites

FCS can provide SATCom, internet and LAN services at military camp sites.

Camp site removal and disposal

FCS can remove and dispose of your camp site. Contact us for more information.

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  • Field Camp Services

    Field Camp Services has been established as a system integrator for services and goods produced/ provided by its shareholders, associate partners and when required by selected subcontractors.

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