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Industrial Memory and Storage Solution Provider

Jactron is a specialist distributor of memory and storage solutions using industrial NAND and DRAM components.

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Jactron is a specialist distributor of memory and storage solutions using industrial NAND and DRAM components. We offer a wide range of industrial-grade storage products in extended temperatures which include: solid state drives (SSDs), CompactFlash, CFast, embedded USB, mSATA and SlimSATA that are ideal for mission-critical applications.

Using more than 60 years of combined specialist knowledge, Jactron offers a tailored solution to suit your evolving application requirements and help solve application problems. Jactron’s mission is to help identify the best of breed product and then provide the highest level of quality, reliability, traceability and support to ensure we can maintain the solution for the lifetime of the application and beyond.

Trusted advisors for mission-critical environments

Jactron represents leading industrial manufacturers who are committed to innovation and breakthrough storage technologies, as well as support for ongoing legacy requirements for mission-critical environments. Jactron’s trusted advisors save you time and money with their in-depth specialist product knowledge, technical support and dedication to provide the right solution, every time.

SSDs offer outstanding performance for military storage applications which require the utmost in reliability and performance.
InnoDisk iCF cards are a low-profile, high-capacity solid-state flash memory solution designed to replace traditional rotating disk drives.
The industrial grade USB drive is ideal for mission-critical industrial applications such as military computing.
With its small size and ratified JEDEC standard, MO-297A, the Slim SATA industrial-grade embedded module with PowerProtector is an ideal fit for mission-critical embedded storage applications.
The mSATA industrial-grade embedded module is designed for small form factor embedded storage applications with space constraints and high performance requirements.
ATP’s eUSB SSD is specifically designed to support applications such as server, storage/accelerator, networking, telecommunications, mobile and embedded computing, medical and automotive that previously used Intel's Z-U130 Value SSD.
CFast is compliant with CompactFlash Association (CFA) CFast specification v1.1 with a SATA 3Gb/s interface.
Designed for industrial systems, Innodisk’s wide temperature DRAM modules are best suited for applications that must work in extreme temperatures.

Reliable and robust solid state drives for military and defence

Military and defence applications require memory and solid state storage products that can perform under the harshest environments. Our range of SSD solutions provide outstanding performance and are protected against dust, extreme cold and heat, shock, vibration and other environmental stresses. Each product undergoes stringent testing to ensure it delivers superior quality, performance, reliability and durability.

Leading SSD manufacturers MemoRight and InnoDisk offer robust SLC solutions that are compliant with JEDEC, MIL-STD-810 F/G and data secure erase standards.

Industrial-grade CompactFlash and CFast cards

Small form factor industrial-grade flash products are designed and engineered to perform consistently under conditions of extreme temperature, shock, vibration and humidity. CompactFlash and CFast cards from ATP and InnoDisk are designed for demanding military applications where critical data requires the highest reliability, durability and data integrity. Features include power protection for data protection during power failure, secure erase, system-in-packaging (SIP), SMART life monitoring tools and advance wear levelling algorithm support. CF and CFast cards are built with quality SLC NAND flash offering enhanced performance, endurance and longer life-spans.

They are available in a range of capacities from 512MB to 64GB and extended operating temperatures of -40°C to 85°C.

Industrial-grade USB drives for mission-critical embedded applications

Jactron offers a range of industrial-grade USB drives designed for mission-critical embedded applications with space constraints, high-performance and high-reliability requirements. They offer extraordinary durability with single-level-cell (SLC) NAND flash for longer life-span. Encased in small form factor and rugged housing they are ideal for space constraint embedded applications. They are designed with system-in-packaging (SIP) technology to withstand extreme operating temperatures (-40°C to 85°C), water/moisture resistance, vibration, shock and electrostatic discharge resistant technology.

Furthermore, SLC NAND flash allows industrial USB drives to achieve outstanding performance from fast read/write speeds and enhanced endurance with global wear levelling.

SlimSATA embedded modules – ideal replacements for HDD

The range of SlimSATA embedded modules that Jactron offers adheres to the JEDEC standard, MO-297, as well as industry compliance and regulatory standards CE, FCC and RoHS. With small form factor and high density, the SlimSATA embedded modules available from ATP and InnoDisk are an ideal replacement for 2.5in HDD in industrial storage applications. They offer an alternative space constrained embedded application with enhanced performance and reliability.

Our SlimSATA products offer built-in hardware-based data protection technology during power failure (PowerProtector), support SMART ATA feature set and are available in SLC, extended operating temperatures (-40°C to 85°C) and capacities from 2GB to 32GB.

Embedded flash modules – for industrial computing

Jactron’s range of mSATA industrial-grade embedded modules is ideal for mission-critical embedded storage applications that have space constraints and require high performance and reliability. With their compact size, high performance, conformity with JEDEC standard MO-300A and measuring only 2.0in x 1.2in (50.8mmx29.8mm) mSATA SSDs are extremely compact and lightweight – ideal for embedded and industrial single board computers.

EUSB SSDs are used within server, storage and telecommunications and embedded computing. Using ultra high-performance SLC NAND flash with fast read/write speeds and optional low-profile modules, eUSB SSDs easily integrate into small footprint IPC systems or embedded applications with little or no excess space. eUSB SSDs are a reliable and high-performance storage solution for mission-critical industrial applications.

Jactron has experienced industrial memory and storage experts who can help with full product life-cycle management including fixed bill of material (BOM), advance product notification, certificate of conformance (CofC) and conformal coating options to ensure the longevity of supply and for total cost of ownership (TCO) management.

We are proud to have affiliations with trade organisations Aerospace, Defence, Security (ADS) and Space and Component Obsolescence Group (COG), as well as staff members being security cleared to deal with all your sensitive requirements.

Contact our industrial memory and storage experts to discuss your project requirements today.

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