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Live-Fire Training and Covert Protection Systems and Ballistic Instrumentation and Testing

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The leading innovators in the design and manufacture of Ballistic Measurement instrumentation combined with the facilities and expertise of Wiltshire Ballistic Services enables MS Instruments to provide proven, rugged and well built products for most internal and external applications. Our products are used by a number of manufacturing companies, Governments and Armed Forces worldwide and once combined with our leading edge software, this instrumentation delivers flexible and individually tailored solutions.

Ballistic Instrumentation and Testing

MS Instruments’ testing facility in Wiltshire has been undertaking ballistic trials for over 25 years and has their Quality Management system approved to ISO9001 and UKAS accredited to ISO17025. Here MS Instruments’ equipment is used to test weapons, ammunition and a wide range of ballistic material to the highest accuracy within a comfortable and confidential environment.

We also have the means to hire out our equipment for testing providing you with maximum flexibility. MS Instruments can not only test your equipment for you but can also supply the equipment to create a fully-functioning range from design to installation.

MS Instruments manufacture the Flight Follower which, using a computer controlled triggered rotating mirror in front of a high speed video camera, provides the ability to follow a projectile in motion. This enables analysis of the projectile and the weapon from which it was fired. It is a revolutionary design that has enabled companies to evaluate their products more quickly, more accurately and more cost effectively, removing the need for lengthy trials.

Live-Fire Training

Ms Instruments provide a range of products that assist in the training of soldiers in the Live-Fire environment. Automatic marking systems, both optical and acoustic, provide instantaneous results back to the soldier or controller, allowing analysis of shots and adjustments to improve performance. The marking systems can be portable with pop-up targets, all made to be robust yet lightweight for a single soldier to be able to carry the equipment.

MS Instruments also provide air-to-ground strafe and Bomb/Rocket scoring systems, which give an accurate indication of strafe, rocket and bomb scores to pilots. This allows live analysis of performance resulting in improvements to method and skill.

All the Live-Fire Training equipment comes with specialised, easy to use software. The software provided allows analysis of all the data. It can also be used to provide print outs or data can be stored for later use.

Covert Protection

After hearing about the life-threatening scenarios encountered by VIPs in Baghdad when a car, up-armoured to B6 Standard was penetrated by bullets after being attacked, MS Instruments developed a Non-Lethal Deterrent. The NIMBUS System provides cover and distracts attackers using smoke screens, bright flashes and incredible sound. From within the car the entire system can be controlled to whatever degree it may be needed. Multiple variations of the pyrotechnics used can be attached to the car for what the user thinks would be most appropriate for a possible situation. The purpose of the NIMBUS System is to distract, disorientate and deprive the attackers enough to allow the victims to either escape without being pursued or injured, or to regain the initiative and fight back.

MS Instruments delivers flexible and individual customer solutions and our success has been derived from delivering these cost effectively. We reduce customer product development lead times, cut development costs and help deliver customer product improvements.

Fledgling BTK Group Now Has 40 Companies

The Ballistic ToolKit , chaired by MS Instruments’ Managing Director, Paul Everington, was formed in 2006 to assist Small and Medium-sized UK businesses in the defence sector to maximise their export potential. The primary purpose was to network their skills and pool their resources to appeal to

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