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Advanced Situational Awareness Solutions for the Military

Teijin Smart Safety develops intelligent situational awareness solutions for military and front-line professionals.

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Teijin Smart Safety develops intelligent situational awareness solutions for military and front-line professionals.

Accurate situational awareness can be the difference between the success and failure of a mission. Teijin Smart Safety’s covert navigation assistance provides military personnel with a safer passage through mission environments.

Our team has developed the Mission Navigation Belt, a specialist product used to provide navigation instructions via haptic feedback, while eliminating the use of a screen or voice. This makes it safer for military professionals to navigate freely without attracting any unwanted attention.

Uncompromised navigational support belt for military missions

The Mission Navigation Belt (MNB) is a lightweight belt that enables military personnel to sense waypoint navigation cues through haptic feedback.

The belt’s primary objective is to keep the soldier’s hands, eyes and ears free, allowing them to fully focus on the mission at hand. The MNB improves navigation while safety remains uncompromised.

Solutions for situational awareness on the battlefield

The MNB helps the soldier to navigate while maintaining optimal situational awareness. Waypoint navigation traditionally required the soldier to check a screen and listen to audible cues, which distracts them from their surroundings and potentially puts them at risk. Their night screen and audible cues also inadvertently exposed the soldier’s position.

Haptic feedback navigation

The solution is haptic feedback – vibrational feedback applied to the body to communicate navigational information. This boosts the situational awareness of soldiers by keeping the hands, eyes and ears free for the main task at hand.

No need for the soldier to stop and check a screen, and no risk of audio cues being drowned out by other sounds. Your safety is our mission.

How the mission navigation belt works

The MNB is a lightweight, ergonomic belt worn around the waist. It connects with the soldier’s existing GNSS-based system and communicates navigational instructions to the wearer (through a set of tiny vibrating motors).

By positioning it around the waist, the precise nature of the vibrating patterns make navigation very instinctive. The soldier can reach the destinations quickly and safely, while maintaining maximum focus on their environment.

The MNB can be used to navigate in any terrain, as well as on water. This means the soldier can navigate while changing from one mode of transport to the next.

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