RIPEnergy has specialised in power conversion solutions for military environments in ground-mobile and shipboard applications. It also offers an extensive range of COTS products that operate in:

  • Special vehicles for fire fighting, off-road missions, defence and civil protection
  • Heavy-duty industrial environments
  • Telecom
  • Railway
  • Oil and gas industry

The products are field-proven designed for extreme environments:

  • High performance pure sinewave inverters
  • Sinewave inverters with integrated 5 stage charger
  • AC-DC power supplies
  • Battery chargers
  • DC-DC converters
  • Phase and frequency converters
  • DC-input dimmable LCD display back-light

Sinewave inverter and charger according to MIL STD 461E and MIL STD 810

ComboV/S/RS product series are modular building block sinewave inverter/chargers that can be used for both small and large power systems in stationary applications or vehicles. Each inverter/charger is a complete power conversion system – DC to AC inverter, intelligent battery charger and AC-Transfer switch. Additional inverter/chargers can be connected at any time in either parallel or in three-phase configuration. This allows a system to be tailored to meet the specific power requirements of the application.

The inverter and charger are fully programmable. Special input and output filtering designed to meet MIL STD 461E for RMI requirements. The connectors can be adapted to the requirement of the application. Combo RS Inverter / Charger is considered the most rugged design available on the market.

15A Equalizer: With 24V battery systems consisting of two 12V batteries, the equalizing charger perfectly balances the two batteries. This makes it possible to operate 12V consumers directly from a 24V battery.
The Gateway solid-state relays have no mechanical contacts. Problems with sparks and deteriorating switching contacts are a thing of the past.
Combo Series Sinewave Inverter with integrated charger. Stackable and up to 300% surge power. Charger and inverter parameters fully programmable.
The PSBCDI-Mil 1200 Dual Input is a power supply and battery charger with dual inputs, switching seamlessly between an AC and a DC power source, all while maintaining a stable DC voltage at the output.
Our power supply units and chargers meet the required MIL standards and are characterised by a high power density. The input is equipped with PFC and allows optimum performance in the event of poor mains quality/generator function.
RSW400 rugged, convection cooled DC/AC inverter uses field proven, microprocessor controlled high frequency PWM technology to generate 400W of output power with pure sine wave output voltage.
The Trickle Charger with Solar Charger allows the simultaneous charging of 12V and 24V batteries. The trickle charger can be powered either from the mains or from a solar panel.

Conformal coated circuit boards, a powder coated die-cast aluminium chassis protects the unit’s internal components from the environment, resisting water, dust and corrosion. COMBO RS also meets part of MIL STD 810 and MIL STD 1275D for wheeled and tracked profiles.

Rugged DC battery charger for vehicles

BCD800 battery charger provides up to 800 watts to charge a 12V or 24V battery system from a 12V source. Both the 12V source and the batteries under charge must share a common ground. This all-new single board design incorporates state of the art switch mode technology for unmatched efficiency and ultra-quiet operation. Extra features include audible indicators for low input voltage, low output voltage and over temperature. Safety features include reverse input protection, over-temperature shutdown, current limiting, short circuit protection with automatic recovery, input under voltage shutdown, reverse battery protection and output overvoltage crowbar.

200W and 400W MIL STD DC-to-DC converter

DC200MIL series dual output, converter provides 200W. This high density-power unit is designed to meet MIL-STD-461E.

The converter is conduction cooled via a base plate and designed for operation within a wide temperature range. The Input is fully isolated from the output. The use of components with many years of established reliability and generous headroom contribute to a high MTBF.

DC400MIL series single output, push-pull converter provides 400W. The converter is entirely potted with a thermally conductive MIL-spec. silicon rubber compound for resistance against shock, vibration, humidity, moisture, dust and insects. The converter is conduction cooled via a base plate and designed for operation within a wide temperature range without de-rating. The use of components with many years of established reliability and generous headroom contribute to a demonstrated MTBF exceeding 1,000,000 hours at typical operating temperatures. The units are intended for military, transportation, mining, oil rigs and other harsh environments.

UVMP – Multipurpose robot vehicle platform

UVMP is a Robot-Vehicle with 6×6 AWD. In combination with a remote control it can be used for applications of all kind. Especially for applications in dangerous areas like nuclear zones, mine detection or tunnels just to mention a few. The vehicle is used as platform to install measuring equipment, cameras or tools – inboard or outboard. The technical information refers to the standard version and could be adapted to meet the most demanding application requirements.