The JetCopter UAV provides impressive performance and payload capacity at a very competitive price. RIPEnergy AG is pleased to offer custom main frames, landing gear and an optional canopy for installation and protection of your additional equipment (camera gear, instruments, etc.) on request.


  • Max Total Load: 36kg (consisting of payload and fuel)
  • Payload vs. Fuel Capacity:

-32kg payload + 5l fuel

-28kg payload + 10l fuel

-16kg payload + 25l fuel

  • Max TOW: 59kg
  • Practical range: depending on mission, fuel capacity and control system
  • Control system DJI Ace One / optional DJI Waypoint
  • Continuous flight capability: 0.5 – 2.5 hours depending on fuel capacity (5 – 25 liters)
  • Flight speed 45mph cruise, 60mph never exceed speed
  • Max inflight service ceiling: 3,000m MSL with reduced load
  • Power plant turboshaft engine 10.6kW @ ISA
  • Starting system: fully automatic electric starting system
  • Fuel kerosene mixed with turbine engine oil