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Deployable Wastewater Treatment for Field Operations and Construction Camps

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Designed for rapid deployment, easy maintenance and minimum of operator involvement, Eimco Water Technologies’ Deployable Systems provide wastewater treatment solutions for military field operations, aid relief operations and construction camp use, worldwide.

Wastewater treatment

Despite its simplicity, extremely high levels of treatment are achievable, with both the membrane bioreactor (MBR) and submerged aerated filter (SAF) reducing the risk of water-borne disease and nuisance odours. Conveniently supplied in trace-heated and lagged 20’ ISO containers, complete protection is- provided across environments from -56°C to +58°C. The package design includes all associated ancillary equipment such as pumping stations, pipe-work, valves and fittings. The containerized MBR package is capable of providing a Grade 2 water quality discharge which is suitable for reuse, wash-down or irrigation. Non-containerized tanks incorporate lifting points for easy loading and off-loading from flat bed transporters, and are sized for C130 aircraft.

Additional disinfection systems, such as chlorination or UV can be used with deployable treatment options to provide residual treatment or sterilization. For semi-permanent natural resource exploration schemes (especially for large populations or where nutrient removal is required) Eimco Water Technologies’ HBNR wastewater treatment plant can also be utilised. The HBNR package is supplied in corrugated steel sections, stowed inside standard ISO containers, which can be easily adapted for use as balance tanks or to assist part of the nutrient removal process.

SAF biological waste treatment system

Supplied as part of Eimco Water Technologies’ deployable range, this easy to operate, low maintenance treatment option successfully handles variations in flows and loads. It is a very robust three-stage process, comprising primary settlement, an SAF biological treatment stage and final settlement.

Eimco provide a complete range of wastewater treatment solutions for military camps.
Eimco’s SAF process effectively processes all biological waste.
Eimco’s MBR features 50% less tank volume compared with conventional systems.
Eimco also provide camps with complete pump solutions.
Eimco Water Technologies also provide high quality balance tank.

The biological treatment stage is supplied in CB125 SAF modules used in a combination of one, two or four units depending on the camp size. Each SAF is filled with PVC media that provides a home for the BOD and Ammonia-removing bacteria to grow. Fine bubble membrane diffusers supply air to the system to keep bacteria healthy and to scour the media, preventing blockages.

MBR water filtration solution

Typically 50% less tank volume compared with conventional systems, the small-footprint MBR process employs simple flat-sheet membrane panels housed in stainless steel cases, aerated by a coarse bubble diffuser system.

Modular and easily expandable for future flow increases, the MBR’s membrane panels are manufactured with an average pore size of 0.4 microns to give a very high quality fully disinfected effluent typically less than 6 log removal of coli forms and > 4 log removal of virus. In operation, the ultra filtration range provides an effective pore size of less than 0.01 microns

Long lasting (expected membrane life up to 10 years continuous operation), Eimco Water Technologies’ MBR requires no primary or secondary settlement stages and no additional tertiary treatment or UV stages to achieve quality typically better than 5:5:5 mg/L BOD: suspended solids: ammonia.

Camp wastewater pumping stations

To feed a treatment plant, submersible pumping stations with grinder pumps can be supplied. All Eimco Water Technologies’ pumping stations are provided with local control panels, gate and non-return valves.

Interconnecting pipe work

For both potable and wastewater, Eimco Water Technologies can provide interconnecting pipe-work to connect camp facilities and pumping stations with the treatment plant.

Balancing tank for camp wastewater treatment

To even out any hydraulic surge from the pumping stations and ensure that the wastewater treatment system is not overloaded, Eimco Water Technologies provide high quality balance tanks.

Service agreements

Whilst only minimal maintenance is required, Eimco Water Technologies offers first-hand back-up with its full service contract. A worldwide network of skilled engineers can keep your equipment in top condition and help you avoid costly, unscheduled interruptions.

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