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MOCO Enterprises

Durable LED Lighting and Power Solutions for Defense Applications

MOCO Enterprises specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of high-quality LED lighting and power systems for a variety of rugged military and commercial applications.

1600 Capital Avenue, Suite 200,
75074 Texas,
United States of America

1600 Capital Avenue, Suite 200,
75074 Texas,
United States of America

MOCO Enterprises specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of high-quality LED lighting and power systems for a variety of rugged military and commercial applications.

Our manufacturing capabilities are uniquely suited to providing long-lasting solutions for high-volume, full-rate production quantities, as well as individual prototype units according to project-specific requirements.

Rugged shelter and tent lighting products for military operations

MOCO Enterprises has a consistent track record of providing exceptional shelter and tent lighting solutions that meet or exceed the strictest US military specifications for deployment at a wide variety of critical military sites, including mobile hospitals and command posts.

Our cutting-edge lighting systems provide some of the highest levels of performance, reliability and efficiency currently available on the market.

We use the latest LEDs and materials for use in the fabrication of products to ensure clients are offered the most advanced lighting technology for their harshest operational environments.

Ruggedized solar tower lights for military sites

MOCO Enterprises offers a range of ruggedized, military-grade lighting solutions for use in solar tower illumination applications, which can also be effectively deployed in many other areas such as roadways, parking sites and buildings.

Our robust, high-performance fixtures are available in both AC and DC configurations and can generate an output of nearly 10,000 lumens (lm) using less than 85W of power.

In addition to the systems’ powerful light output, there are several lens options available to focus or direct the light for optimal results according to the intended deployment scenario.

LED lighting systems for defense industry applications

MOCO Enterprises has provided US-manufactured, heavy-duty commercial lighting products since its formation.

In a highly cost-driven industry, we have maintained competitiveness by combining extensive internal design and manufacturing capabilities to facilitate faster prototyping and short lead-times for custom orders, while utilizing commercial-grade LED drivers to ensure consistently high-quality products.

LED battery back-up drivers for critical environments

MOCO Enterprises’ patented LED battery backup system is compatible with both new and existing AC fixtures; allowing the conversion of LED fixtures into backup lighting systems.

The system is configured to automatically switch to the backup mode in the event of a power failure.

The required runtime is 90 minutes; however, this can be adjusted at the factory based on the customers’ requirements. This is ideal for addressing higher-power LED lighting requirements in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Our innovative system design incorporates a smart battery charger and line-monitoring system in a single, compact, IP66-rated unit that has been specially developed for use in damp locations.

Innovative design services for military lighting solutions

MOCO Enterprises has more than ten years’ experience in designing and manufacturing LED lighting products for both military and commercial customers.

Often beginning with nothing more than sketches of an idea from the client, our experienced technical staff is able to take the initial concept through the design phase and into production in a quick and efficient timeframe.

Our dedicated engineering team has a proven ability to ‘think outside the box’ and create innovative designs and solid manufacturing solutions for a versatile array of defense and commercial applications.

Once the final design is complete, we can ensure the product is compliant with a range of possible agency certifications such as UL, ETL and DLC according to the system’s particular specification and intended application requirements.

MOCO Enterprises’ designers work in close collaboration with LED die manufacturers such CREE, Samsung, Seoul and Osram, allowing the company to incorporate some of the highest-performing devices available into its products.

About MOCO Enterprises

MOCO Enterprises is US-based organization equipped with a purpose-built design and fabrication center located in Plano, Texas.

We are committed to providing customers with consistently high-performance solid-state lighting solutions, along with extensive technical support and excellent customer service.

We focus on developing relationships with our customers in order to truly understand their needs and individual criteria for success. This allows us to forge strong, strategic and lasting partnerships, while ensuring clients receive the best possible product for their operational needs.

MOCO Enterprises LLC

1600 Capital Avenue, Suite 200




United States of America