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Military Container Handling and Transporting Equipment

Hammar Maskin specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of self loading container trucks and trailers, also known as Sideloaders or Sidelifters for both military and commercial use under the HAMMAR® brand.

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Hammar Maskin specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of self loading container trucks and trailers, also known as sideloaders or sidelifters, for both military and commercial use under the HAMMAR® brand.

The HAMMAR Defence Line® was developed specifically for military logistic applications. Products include the 150-Series, the 160-Series, the new 180-Series and the 190-Series.

Hammar Group of companies

Hammar Group is a family owned group of companies all dedicated to sidelifters only. The parent company, Hammar Maskin, was founded in 1974 and thus has over 35 years of experience in sideloaders. With sales to more than 90 countries worldwide, HAMMAR® is the most widely spread and used sidelifter in the world.

Sideloader for the defence industry

A HAMMAR sideloader allows one person only, who both drives the truck and operates the sideloader, to load, transport, off-load and transfer a 20′ or 40′ fully loaded container.

HAMMAR 190 BH with 25t lifting capacity, built on a Scania 8X8 WLS NLD.
HAMMAR 160 HS 20’-40’with 33t lifting capacity and a MAN 6x6 tractor unit, both with desert tires.
HAMMAR 184 BH, 25t lifting capacity with optional integrated flat bed and pallet fork, for UNHCR.
HAMMAR 190 HB with 25t lifting capacity built on a Mack 6x4 during winter testing in Canada.
HAMMAR 190 HB with 25t lifting capacity, built on a MAN HX77 8X8 chassis.
HAMMAR 190 HB with 25t lifting capacity built on an armoured Iveco Trakker 8x8.

The HAMMAR can even stack loaded containers two high on the ground. With its low ground pressure, it is equally suitable for both yards and depots, as well as for off-road use.

When lifting, the container is always lifted level, independent of the load distribution. This allows the HAMMAR to be used for transporting and grounding hospital shelters, containerised command centres, fuel and ammo supplies and work shops into the field with perfect control of the contents. Attachments for handling palletised cargo are readily available.

HAMMAR Defence Line

Hammar Maskin started marketing the Defence Line actively in 1998 to meet the increased interest from military users. With our experience of supplying to defence and aid organisations since 1985, and from 1974 as suppliers to the commercial container transport industry, we are now offering this well proven and versatile equipment for transporting all types and sizes of ISO-containers, including dry bulk containers, flat racks and tank containers, as well as Nato standard A-frame pallets.

Lightweight and flexible sideloaders

All HAMMAR sideloaders are built from high tensile steel for low tare weights and thereby high technical and legal payloads. Using our commercial standardised component system (SCS) and building modules, HAMMAR sidelifters provide flexibility in design, low-cost maintenance and high reliability.

They are compatible with all truck brands, allowing existing trucks and tractors to be freely combined with the HAMMAR equipment. Designed for use with standard commercial ISO-containers, the HAMMAR system is extremely cost efficient.

Sideloader trailers

The 150-Series sideloader trailer range is our advanced top-of-the-range trailer integrated series with articulated and flexible stabiliser legs for easy transfer of 20′-40′ containers to and from other trucks, trailers and rail wagons. An additional advantage of the 150-Series is the ability to high-stack 9’6" (2,900mm) ISO-containers. Lifting capacities (SWL) available are 36t or 45t.

Heavy-duty lifting trailers

The 160-Series is our basic heavy-duty trailer integrated series for general all purpose use. Perfect for ground-to-ground operations and occasional transferring jobs to and from other vehicles. We are offering models with and without high-stacking capability. Lifting capacity (SWL) is 33t.

Short, lightweight 20ft sideloaders

Our 180-Series of short, lightweight 20ft models for mounting onto rigid trucks or special chassis, are known to be the shortest, lightest and most easily manoeuvrable sideloaders in the world. Models are available with12t – 30t lifting capacity (SWL). High-stacking capability is standard.

Double-stacking sideloader trailers

The 190-Series double-stacking sideloader trailer is our latest medium duty design with a lifting capacity (SWL) of 25t, 33t, 36t or 42t. This series incorporates newly designed articulated stabiliser legs, allowing safe and easy transferring operations also to companion trailers and trucks with higher chassis. The models within the 190-Series can be combined with any type of chassis. Trucks, semi trailers or full (drawbar) trailers.

White Papers

  • Hammar Product Brochure

    Hammar defence products are modified according to the customer's wants and needs, to ensure he is always prepared and ready to take care of the assignments that come his way.

  • The Sideloader Specialist

    Sideloaders from Hammar can be found worldwide, to be exact, in more than 90 of the world's countries, making us an international, yet simultaneously a very local company.


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