TACO Antenna is one of the pre-eminent manufacturers of engineered solutions for antenna-based communication in the world.

Our commitment to safety, quality, knowledge and customer service ensures a relevant, ever-changing product line expertly manufactured and proudly sold by a well-trained, empowered staff.

We have the experience and technical expertise to continually advance with our partners the innovation necessary to meet the existing and future demands of the world market.

Our antennas are installed at airports all around the world.
These Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) compatible Helicals are used by all branches of the US Military and various Defense Contractors worldwide.
TACO's high gain UHF MUOS SATCOM antenna is designed for rapid deployment communications.

VHF/UHF Multiple Dipole Muldipol™ Antennas


  • Save Space A single TACO MULDIPOL can connect up to four radios in one antenna, making for cleaner towers and reduced interference.
  • Save Time Fewer antennas to install and service saves time, now and over the long term.
  • Save Money Fewer masts required, less weatherproofing, lower maintenance costs.

Muldipol™ Air Traffic Control and Ground-to-Air

Our unique Multiple Dipole Collinear Array concept shields the feed cables to improve radiation pattern characteristics and achieve a high degree of isolation between closely spaced elements.

Our lightweight and compact design results in a small, rugged, easy to install antenna that minimizes space, perfectly suited for both tactical transportable use in hostile ground-air-ground environments and on airport ATC towers around the world.

Our Shipboard models feature a double clamp design to increase stability in open sea installations, as evidenced by their proven performance in naval fleets over many years. Many VHF and UHF frequency configurations are available with up to 6 connectors.

UHF SATCOM Fixed Helical Antennas

TACO’s circularly polarized high gain fixed UHF SATCOM antennas are designed to withstand the severest of environmental conditions. Presently used by all branches of the US Military and various defense contractors worldwide, these Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) compatible Helicals are an industry leading communication product.

UHF SATCOM portable helical antenna

TACO’s high gain UHF MUOS SATCOM antenna is designed for rapid deployment communications. The SAT-MP-320 covers the entire frequency band 240-400 MHz with a peak gain of 11 dBi. Built to military standards, this rugged yet small antenna includes a durable nylon carrying bag.

Closely related to requirements defined within NSN 5985-01-149-2576 & NSN 5985-01-412-2109.

Yagi Data Communication 10 Element Antenna

The use of multiple driven elements allows our Yagis to achieve high gain levels throughout their entire specified bandwidths. A single operational band typically covers a frequency range that would require as many as 3 standard Yagis.

Crafted from high strength aluminum, they utilize stainless steel hardware for excellent corrosion resistance. Each unit is furnished with an integrated 50 Ohm N-Female connector, and is capable of mounting to a mast range of 1.5” to 3”OD.  Included is a fiberglass mast fitted with coupling that center mounts to standard tower masts.

Custom Dual Frequency Counter Drone Helical Antenna

This dual frequency 2.4 & 5.8 GHz, circularly polarized Wi-Fi antenna is designed to transmit maximum energy in one direction. It is the ideal solution for counter-drone, anti-drone, elevator shafts, and tunnels, mesh networks, WiMax, ISM, VOIP, video surveillance, downtown corridors, parking lots, wireless security cameras and warehousing.

About TACO

TACO is a Canadian manufacturer located in southern Ontario.

TACO began in the communications industry 85 years ago and is actively involved in ground-air-ground communications and tactical communications.