TACO MULDIPOL D5000 Series Civil Aviation ATC Antennas - Army Technology
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TACO MULDIPOL D5000 Series Civil Aviation ATC Antennas

The MULDIPOL™ Multiple Dipole Collinear Array concept has been specifically developed by TACO for ground-air-ground, air traffic control and associated vehicular and base communications applications. The MULDIPOL™ has a high degree of isolation between elements within a closely spaced array.

The result is a small, rugged, easy to install antenna. A minimum of 30 dB isolation is realized between any two elements in every MULDIPOL™ model. The low profile and resulting decrease in the number of antennas required at any tower site also gives a much improved radiation pattern coverage.


  • Rugged lightweight construction
  • Transportable and compact
  • Combination of UHF and VHF
  • High isolation between antenna elements
  • Aluminum Base
  • DC Grounded Dipoles

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