Fixed Helical UHF SATCOM Antennas

TACO fixed helical UHF SATCOM antennas

TACO’s circularly polarised, high-gain, fixed UHF SATCOM Antennas are designed to withstand the most severe of environmental conditions. The mast and ground plane are of aluminum construction, with the helix supported by dielectric rods along the mast.

Currently used by all branches of the US military and various defence contractors worldwide, TACO’s Helicals are an industry leading communication product.

This antenna is a solidly built, two-piece ground plane that assembles easily with no tools required. The mesh design allows for reduced wind loading, features incredible durability for withstanding the most severe of weather conditions, and is UFO and MUOS compatible.

These systems are available to suit specific customer requirements.

We have two versatile mounts available: our AM-1 is an adjustable mast mount with elevation tuning in 15 degree fixed increments. It is solidly constructed from hot-dip galvanised steel to endure the most extreme elements.

The HM-5 is a versatile tripod mount with the ability to adjust and align to any azimuth or elevation angle.

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