Modern security demands cutting edge, reliable tools to protect people, places and things.  TACO Antenna is a leading manufacturer of innovative, engineered antenna products for a wide range of uses.  Our industry leading BlackOut counter drone series has been specifically developed to power compact C-UAS devices.

The BlackOut series of counter drone products includes two specialized antennas, both using TACO’s circular polarized helical antenna design.

The original BlackOut DH2415-5815-SMAF, and new, more compact DH2413-5814-SMAF, use our patented dual helical configuration, providing complete coverage in the 2.4 and 5.8 GHz frequencies.

The new BlackOut H-L1L2-13-NF delivers counter drone coverage to the L1 and L2 GPS frequencies.

Each delivers industry leading frequency coverage, with a high power output to create maximum energy transmission.