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Advanced Software Systems for Military Operations

Critical Software develops advanced systems to support the full chain of command in the defence industry.

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Critical Software develops advanced systems to support the full chain of command in the defence industry.

We work with defence organisations across the world to deliver reliable systems on land, at sea, and in the air, boosting operational capacities and helping to reduce costs.

Critical Software is trusted by defence organisations, including the Portuguese Navy to provide battlefield management technology that stands up to the harshest conditions.

Advanced battlefield-ready IT software solutions

Critical Software has extensive experience in building effective battlefield software for military applications.

"Fort Lauderdale, Florida - May 5, 2007: US Coast Guard crews conduct rescue operation at sea. The safety training event is part of the Fort Lauderdale Air and Sea Show 2007."
Victoria, Mahe island, Seychelles - December 17, 2015: HMAS Melbourne (III) frigate of the Royal Australian Navy anchored in the bay of Victoria, Mahe island, Seychelles, Indian Ocean, East Africa.
View of Armored HMMWV in Iraq.

At Critical Software, we understand the importance of safety in mission-critical systems. We are experts in software architecture, system testing and the development and certification of embedded safety-critical applications to the most rigorous standards such as Defence Standard 00-56, MIL-STD-499 and DO-178C.

We have worked alongside military experts to create a state-of-the-art command and control (C4I) suite that provides information superiority on the battlefield. This results in more informed, faster decision-making when it matters.

Software systems for reduced de-briefing times

At a time when process efficiency matters more than ever, saving time is vital. We created a ground-based suite of tools for a cutting-edge Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS), reducing deployment times and costs.

Command and control systems for demanding military operations

Critical Software is recognised as a leading developer of C4ISR systems in the defence sector.

Working in close cooperation with armed forces professionals, our engineers are able to combine their software and systems expertise with a real-world understanding of military requirements to provide efficient and cost-effective C4ISR solutions.

Once the system is up and running, we provide full lifecycle support, complete with the availability, maintainability, and operational expertise expected by armed forces personnel and systems.

Solutions for enhanced battlefield situational awareness

Critical Software’s EyeCommand suite enhances situational awareness across all levels of the command chain and is fully compliant with NATO standards.

Designed in conjunction with military experts, the suite combines three integrated and scalable platforms to provide a 360° view of the battlefield. The solution is tailored to each military command level or can be used on a platform-by-platform basis to improve tactical operations.

Award-winning IT solutions for defence organisations

Critical Software’s award-winning maritime information system, Oversee, enables sea-based defence organisations to implement their safety, security, and environmental protection responsibilities.

Featuring an accessible interface that combines data fusion, risk anticipation and machine-learning techniques, Oversee is an efficient, cost-effective and collaborative solution.

About Critical Software

For over 20 years, Critical Software has changed the way the world uses technology. Not only in the defence sector, but across several industries, including finance, rail and space.

We have a proven track record of making the most complex software problems more manageable. Our expertise ranges from developing bespoke software to resolve problems faced by mission-critical systems, ensuring systems are fully compliant with a range of industry standards.

White Papers

  • Using Agile to Develop High-Integrity Systems

    High-integrity systems are used across all industries and in some of the most demanding situations imaginable. They are designed with a strong focus on the safety and security of organisations and people. These systems are becoming more complex and sophisticated.

Products & services

  • Oversee

    Oversee assists maritime support and defence organisations in implementing and maintaining their safety, security, and environment obligations effectively and efficiently.

  • EyeCommand

    A Command and Control suite like no other, EyeCommand provides the user with full information superiority in battlefield situations across all levels of the command chain, enabling faster yet more effective decision-making.

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